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Soft bowel movements (and gingivitus - raw bones?)

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My new cat Gabriel, who I've only had for less than 2 months, has always had soft poo. ;p Sometimes it's diarrhea. Either way it smells way too awful to be normal. I took him to the vet today and he was given a B 12 shot, deworming pill a weeks worth of Tylocin as well as 2 weeks worth of Fortiflora. Ended up costing $181! He looks and acts otherwise that he's healthy. I really hope this helps clear him up, though. Has anyone used fortiflora before? Does it work?

I also got the vet to take a look at his teeth. He has some gingivitus but the vet wasn't concerned about it. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, although his gums are red. He also gets food stuck up in the back of his mouth beside his molars, which she also said happens in some cats...Does this happen to anyone else's cat? I brush his teeth daily with CET toothpaste but he HATES having them done. I also have this oral cleansing gel that I try stick on his gums. I would like to get this cleared up as much as possible and to prevent larger problems in the future coming sooner. I know people feed raw chicken necks and wings but the vet wasn't too keen on this idea and said if I did decide to give bones to boil them for a couple mins first to try get rid of salmonella. Or to freeze them. I wouldn't cook the bones because they may split. I'd freeze them beforehand, that's no problem. I'm still somewhat afraid of the salmonella and bones possibly getting stuck where they don't belong. I know that in the wild cats eat whole carcasses, but has anyone had any problems? I would supervise while bones were being eaten, of course.
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Your vet seriously thinks freezing kills bacteria ? She must have that confused with parasites, freezing just slows down bacterial growth, when you thaw the meat they will still be there and start multiplying again.

I've been feeding raw for three years now and my cats still haven't managed to contract salmonella. Probably because cats are made to eat raw meat and (amongst other things) have a short digestive system where bacteria don't have time to get really comfortable and infect their host. I've found a statistic that Salmonella is found in the stools of 17% of healthy cats, so they can have it in their system without getting sick.
I would not feed raw meat that might contain Salmonella to a cat that is not well, when their immune system is already suppressed bacteria can get an opportunity to infect.

Please do not ever feed cooked meat with bones, raw bones are soft but cooked bones become hard and their splinters mighty sharp. Just cooked meat, maybe (just as a treat), but cooked meat with bones, no.

With my cats I've never encountered any problems feeding bones, they get whole prey animals. Whole animals are impossible to swallow whole so they don't try that, they chew thoroughly. When you feed bits 'n pieces of meaty bone it is indeed a good idea to supervise, as some cats try to swallow those whole in stead of chewing. (I've heard about a Maine Coon who thought he could inhale a chicken wing) Some people solve this by holding the meaty bone and letting the cat chew bits off it.
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Mimosa has good info ...

The US meat supply is NOT nearly as clean .... Canada seems to be better in that area ...

a few members on here have had DEATHS resulting from raw meat borne bacteria ....

PS even humans have bacteria in GI tracts not just cats... it just has to be in balence
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Yeah, I'm not sure what the vet was thinking but she was concerned that I kill the salmonella. :p I wouldn't feed cooked bones (vets really need to learn proper animal nutrition) and I would definitely supervise. I can't believe that the vet wasn't concerned about the gingivitis at all...I'm hoping I can catch it before it gets worse but he's so bad for brushing. Might have to get help and hold him in a towel.

Well, that's a relief. Canada's good for something heh. I'm leary to feed the bones but it IS natural...I won't be doing it regularily, though.

Thanks for the info!
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