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allergy doctors?

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Has anyone been to an allergy doctor and what do they do when you see them for the first time? I need to make an appointment with one.
Ever since I have been married, I get this horrible post-nasal drip & can taste it. It affects my sense of smell & taste when this happens, which is getting more & more frequent (like every other day). From what I read, it sounds like I have sinusitis. I've been to my regual family doctor, and all they give me is nasal spray (NasaCort), which is making it worse. The post-nasal stuff, if that's what it is, makes me feel sick to my stomach. It's also gotten to the point where I have to pinch my nose to sneeze to preven it from happening, or I cant even take a sniff of something
Just wondering if anyone has experienced this type of thing, and what do you use? When this happens, it stays with me from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep, and sometimes, even into the next day.
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Sorry I'm not much help, but have you tried other allergie medications like Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, Clarinex, Flonase nasal spray, Singular or Benadryl?

This year the allergies are a royal pain! Usually they don't bother me too much, but this year they're kickin' my butt. I took allegra, but it worked for a short time. Then I tried Claritin and it didn't work at all for me. So, I tried Zyrtec and it workds wonderfully. It's kinda pricey if you don't have insurance, but I have found it's one of the best on the market. Oh..I've also tried Flonase nasal spray, but I couldn't stand the smell of it. It was like shoving a tulip up my nose! It was the only thing I could smell...that flowery fragrance and it always seemed to run down the back of my throat. GAG!

Sorry for the rambling...Hope this might help you a bit!
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I have tried Claritin (both presription & non-prescription), Benadryl, Sudafed, & Allegra & nothing works!!! I went to CVS pharmacy & spoke to a pharmacist and asked about the saline nose sprays, but I was told if my drainage has an odor, which it does, then it's an infection. So, on Monday, I'm going to make an appointment to see an allergist. Oh, and it's not the drainage that you can feel running down your throat either, it's the thick stuff. Sorry to gross you out if I did.
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Sounds like some type of allergy...I have severe allergies..not allergic to animals, pet dander but lots of the stuff outside..ragweed, pine, dust, pollen, mold, dust mites, and all sorts of stuff like that.....It is miserable, but I get a shot once a week to prevent them from acting up so bad....I also take allegra which helps also.....Good Luck and it does sound like you need to to be tested....Beware though that allergy tests can be a bit pricey....Let us know!
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To me it sounds like both (infection and allergies). Once you get the infection taken care of, you still might have some light drainage. While you are at the Dr's office, ask for some Zyrtec samples. That's what I did and they gave me a ten day supply for free! At least that way, if it doesn't work for you...you won't be out of any money.

Also, with those over the counter nasal sprays...most Pharmacists don't recommend those for long term use. They can actually make the problem worse in the long run. It will help a lot at first, but then your body gets dependant on the spray and therefore you have to use it everyday. The prescription ones are not that way.

Hope you find out something with the Allergist! Good luck!
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did Zyrtec make you drowsy?
Another thing that pops into my mind, is that if I were allergic to the cats' dander, you'd think this nasty smell/taste would go away once I left the house, or so that's what I thought.Anyways, I'll call tomorrow & see when they can get me in.
I thought you are a pharmacist? Do you think the saline stuff would work til I can see the allergist?
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No I'm not a Pharmacist, but I am a Pharmacy Technician (have been for 5 years...we're usually the Pharmacist right hand woman!). I get asked these questions at least 20 times a day...especially right now.

As for the Zrytec making you drowsy, it could make you drowsy but it didn't for me. Some people react differently than others, but most people do not get sleepy from this drug. You could use the saline nasal spray since there are no drugs in those at all. It is just saline solution (same thing that you use for contact lenses). Its a great moisturizer for a dry nose and will help clear up a stuffy nose too. It's great for stuffy babies..and adults too! I would just stay away from the nasal sprays like Four Way, Vicks sinus sprays & others like those.

As for being allergic to cat dander, you might not get any relief even if you leave the house or are away from cats. The dander is most likely on your clothes, your shoes, your body or anything that your cat might have come in contact with. Maybe it's not just cat dander that you are allergic to? There might be something pollenating nearby or some dust has been stirred up in your house. It could be a lot of different things and Zyrtec is one of the best ones for taking care of all kinds of allergies. Some of the other med's only work on specific kinds of allergies.

Hope this helps you out! I would definitely call to make an appointment with your Doctor or an Allergist. They could give you more answers than I could. Good luck!
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I went to see my primary doctor on Monday, because I just couldnt take it anymore! I, did, however make an appointment with an allergy doctor, but the appt. is not til June 1st, so that is why I saw my primary for the time being. I didnt get to see an actual doctor, it was a P.A. which if you ask me is a waste of time. This girl seemed to not know what was causing the nasal gunk. So, she recommened that I have a CT (CAT) scan of my nasal area to see if there is some blockage or whatnot. So, I made an appt. @ the imaging center and go in a few weeks. She gave me prescriptions for both Allegra-D & Zyrtec-D. The allegra seemed to work, until Friday. So, I filled up my Zyrtec this morning. And, damn, you aren't joking when you say it is not cheap. I have BCBS insurance. With my insurance they are $30.00 a bottle. W/O insurance it would be well over $100!
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I bet they didn't tell you that you shouldn't take that stuff at night. Both Allegra D and Zyrtec D have Sudafed in them with is a nasal decongestant. Unfortunately, they WILL keep you up at night. If I were you, I'd take them in the morning. You could take them later on during the day, but probably not after 5 pm.

Yep that Zyrtec stuff is expensive. With my co-pay it's 30 bucks so I try not to take them everyday. I know it's not the right thing to do, but I just can't afford to spend that much money. I shouldn't complain since I know many people spend several hundred dollars per month, but with all of my medication it's close to a hundred bucks. I just can't afford them even with my insurance.

So, have you tried the Zyrtec D yet? If so, does it work good for you? Just curious
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Actually, I have found I am able to sleep better at night if I take either the Allegra-D or Zyrtec-D. That's why I take it night. I took a Zyrtec yesterday around 5pm, and it seemed to work ok.

Speaking of decongestants & anti-histamines, figure this one out: Pamrin has an anti-histamine in it. Did you know that? Now tell me, why us females need an anti-histamine during that time of the month? I had bought some on Friday during my lunch hour, and noticed it has it on the back for the ingredients. I was concerned because I had taken an Allegra-D @ 6:00am and didnt want to mix the 2 together.
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I never knew that Pamprin had an antihistamine in it! I searched the internet about it and I found that even Midol had it in there. It said on the Midol site that it is used to promote sleep. Here the site I found that on.

I honestly don't know if you should take those drugs together. I would ask your local Pharmacist or doctor to find out.

As for the other med's being taken at night, if it works for you that is great. Some people are really sensitive to decongestants and will keep them up at night. There are even people that react completely different to decongestants-they put them to sleep. It's not very common, but I have run into a few like that. Some people get drowsy from decongestants and some get wired from it..Same with antihistamines. Strange, huh?
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