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Panther's eating habits, too little?

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Panther is my 1 year old black DSH. She is on a diet consisting of 1/4 cup dry Wellness CORE and 3oz Wellness wet per day. She gets the dry at around noon and the wet at night when I get home from work 11pm-ish. Last time I weighed her she was 11.8 lbs. She is always acting hungry and even begging for human food (to the point of getting in the trash and kitchen sink). Am I feeding to little? Or have any hints on a better feeding routine?
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I would feed her at least another half or whole 3 oz wet package per day. Or at least split the package into 2 different servings. I think your main problem is too much time between feedings. maybe add one in the morning. My 3 cats each eat about 5-6 wet ozs a day( and dry out at all times) and none of them are fat.
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That doesn't sound like enough food to me. Nova gets 3/4 cup of dry each day. She doesn't eat wet because it gives her the poops...

What do the package instructions say?
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It really depends on your cat. I don't think you're feeding to little though. If she's not acting hungry, and she's at a decent weight, stick with it. I feed one of mine (who is 11.5lbs) 1/2 cup of CORE dry daily, and he usually doesn't finish that. I occasionally feed him wet and dry, and he often doesn't even eat 1/4 cup dry and 3oz wet in a day.
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The package on the Wellness food says to feed 1/2 cup + 3oz wet. But I heard that you should feed less than what the package says because they just want you to buy more cat food. I guess I will try feeding her a little more and see how it goes. Thanks for the help.
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