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Help with stinky kitty...Please!

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Hi everyone, i recently added an new addition to my family. I was a one cat household for about 3 years and then adopted a new kitty, Hermoine. She is about 8 months old and I am having a problem with her stinky poop. She seems to not respect the other cat's, achilles, food and is often eating from his bowl. So they both eat the same food, Purina One, and are trained to eat gradually throughout the day. But i think the food is making her poop extra stinky. Achilles seems to go number two without us even noticing because there are no smells. But when she goes it reeks up the house.

Is this the food? Someone told me about maybe changing the food to something more natural. Any suggestions on what i can do to make her less stinky, if possible?

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My boy had very stinky poo when I got him (and, of course, he's a big cat with, ah, large deposits which he will not often cover). I did find switching him to Nutro dry (and adding wet food as well) seemed to help an awful lot. You can still smell a very fresh deposit, but it's nothing like before - honestly, he used to wake me from a sound sleep and his box is at least 20 feet away!

You might also mention it to your vet along the line. While I tend to think food affects odor first, there could be some other physical reasons for overly scented feces, I suppose.
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It certainly could be the food. When we first had Freya th vet had her on Science Diet and it gave her horrible gas as well as less-than-pleasant deposits.

When we spoke to our vet, he was really supportive of us changing her food and it made all the difference.

Just like people, I think different foods agree with different cats.
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I have tried wet food once and it gave her the trotters. I think i will try the food u suggested or Wellness. I have heard good things about both.
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