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Butzie is finally not complaining...

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about me holding her in my arms! From the time we got her, a year ago June, she just meowed and complained and could not wait to get out of my arms. That of course did not stop me from trying because I can be stubborn as a cat, too.

Today, as per usual, I picked her up and cuddled her and scratched her head. She purred and didn't try to get out of my arms. She did give me a little nudge with one paw after a bit and I took that to mean that was enough.

So, I tried again about 2 hours later. Same thing, including the little paw nudge. Hey, I can respect that.

I am so happy!
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YEAH! Since Tweety was a feral, I rejoice at every step he makes. No holding, but he will come up onto the couch for lovins. Congratulations. Your hard work and patience has certainly paid off big time!
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Awww... Butzie wubs momma
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YAY!!! I know it's a huge hurdle. When I got JoJo, she hadn't really been handled for nearly half her short life (11 months at that point). It took me a year to get her to sit on my lap without bolting at my own tiniest toe twitch. Now, five years later, I have to shove her off my lap if I need to go potty... my most recent hurdle is similar to yours... about a year ago, she let me carry her in my arms... I don't get a huge amount of time, but from a cat who would nearly claw my eyes out if I tried picking her up... to this. I was on cloud nine.. so I know exactly how you feel...

Congrats! Kitty Kisses to Butzie-Kitty!!

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Awwwww...that is so sweet! Congrats!
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