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I am SO looking forward to eating out tonight!

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I just called DH and I asked if we could go out tonight. He totally agreed We really have not gone out to dinner lately because of the economy. Why go out tonight? 3 reasons.

1) The new dishwasher has really failed. It started out just fine but recently has not been getting the dishes clean and leaves dirty water on the bottom. I have cleaned the filter, ad nauseam, to no avail. I am so unhappy that I am using such proper Latin/English.
Anyway, I have 1/2 of the dishes that were supposed to be clean in the dishwasher but are not. The other half is around the sink, dirty. We had mussels last night. I can't wait for the tech to smell last night's dishes.

2) Ben has been difficult lately. See my other posts.

3) The very nice young woman who cleans our house every other week cannot come today because the landlord of the place she is renting lost the house because of foreclosure. for Laura's now former landlord. Laura is part of our family. Her mother, then her sister and now she has cleaned our house. Yes, I do pay a decent wage and Laura gave me the best compliment the last time she cleaned our house. She said that the other ladies she cleaned for were very demanding and they didn't treat her like a person like we do.

Wait! The Sears repairman just rang the doorbell!
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Great idea about going out tonight. Besides, it keeps the economy stimulated from the restaurant staff to the suppliers to the truckers who deliver the goods
What kind of food are you going for? (So the rest of us can vicariously enjoy a meal out to). Save room in the "dessert compartment"
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What place are you ging out to eat at?
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So...where are you going to go eat? Someplace local and neat?
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Well, we are either going to Petar's which is an old established restaurant downtown. It has great beef and we get coupons from them via email for discounts.

The other choice is a neighborhood restaurant that is a "casual" dining place. There are dinner items, but it is mostly burgers, salads and sandwiches. It has a really nice eating area, and THE best onion rings in town.
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Onion rings are divine. I haven't eaten them in so very long, but I like them with lots of plain with mustard.
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I don't know if you have a "Red Robin" restaurant in your area, but while I don't go there often (too noisy, usually), their onion rings are worth the trip.
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Sounds like a classic case of I need a night out or I'll scream syndrome.

An evening of good food, a little wine, and quiet conversation generally makes you feel much better....
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