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Is this excessive?

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Yesterday, my boy had his teeth cleaned. He's 5, and I adopted him 4 months ago from a local shelter. At the time, I took him to my vet for a wellness check, and they mentioned that his teeth could use attention. I waited until he was secure with me before taking him in because it wasn't an emergency.

When I picked him up, I was given an antibiotic (Clavamox), and I didn't think anything of it because I figured it was precautionary. However, when I got home, I realized that they had given me a two-week supply, and the discharge notes call for it to be administered for that period. That seems quite a long time to me.

My first cat (now at the Bridge) had Clavamox several times and it was never more than a week. Once was after minor surgery, and another time she had a bladder infection. But it was only for a week. According to the discharge notes, my boy has no infection, nor did he have any teeth pulled. It was a routine cleaning.

My objection isn't to the cost, but I personally don't take any medication that I don't absolutely need, and I don't want to give excess meds to my cat either. I have a call in to this vet (it's a big hospital, and I normally have only one of the vets [a terrific one] care for my pets, but the cleanings are done by techs, and I have no control over the vet they choose for supervision), but she won't be on until tonight.

What do you think? Naturally, I've begun giving him the Clavamox. By the way, "my" vet is one of the heads of this hospital, and if this woman can't explain why my boy needs this much antibiotic, I may contact him about it. I hate going over her head, but in the past some of these younger vets have suggested treatments that he's disagreed with, so I tend to trust him more.
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Its normal.
Every vet I have gone to gives a 2 week course of clavamox.
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Two weeks of Clamavox is also standard procedure at my vet too.
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Just about every AB I've given my pets has been a 2 week run.

The reason being, although a 1 week run may 'cure' the animal and they'll be fine for a while, there is the possibility that some of the infection could remain, only to reoccur the next time the animal's own ability to fight it off becomes compromised, through stress or what have you. 2 weeks is safer.
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Mine don't get Clavamox after a dental cleaning. At several different vets we've been to. We've moved around a bit over the years. Sometimes they've gotten painkillers, but I don't remember Clavamox specifically after a dental. For infections yes, but not a dental with no extractions or problems.

You can always call and ask. The vet clinic I go to is always happy to answer any questions I have.
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Dental cleanings/extractions - here at all vets but "Dr. Stupid" they do 2 weeks anti-biotics post op.

The reasoning is that IF the teeth then get infected - it'll mean another surgery so soon after the first. (At least that's what I've been told)
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Thanks to all of you who responded so promptly. I just heard from the vet, and the issue is resolved. First, there was a miscommunication, and although I have two bottles, the vet assures me that this is ONE WEEK of Clavamox. I was surprised that so many of you said that 2 weeks is "standard" because, as I mentioned in my original posting, my former cat always got just one week.

She also didn't get any antibiotic after her dental cleaning, but that was a different vet (who I did not like). I'm not surprised at the antibiotic because with all that digging around in the gums, even in a standard cleaning, I'm sure there's a big risk of subsequent infection.

The good news is that he's taking this very well--which is a relief because my first cat was a real tiger when it came to any meds!
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