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The Daily Thread Tuesday October 28th

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Hello All!!

Another overcast day but the weathermen are predicting sun for the rest of the week!!

Well when I got home from running a couple errands yesterday morning I had an error code on my washer and have been trying to fix ever since. BUT....
I found a website this morning and I think we will try their solution tonite before calling a repairman.

So got some housekeeping done with morning and have to put away the laundry-the 2nd load didn't spin so I rinsed and wrung out in sink and ran the dryer forever to dry.

Must have been tired as I slept like a rock last nite.

So thats all the excitement today-going to work then trying a new soup recipe tonite.

My sis thinks her new white kitten is deaf so I gave her some TCS advice!

That all the fun around here.

Enjoy the day!! Only one more week of enduring political ads.
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And it BEGINS....

there is a winter storm warning in effect here so we are suposed to get 15 cm overnight tonight. I guess I'll have to get up and clean off my car.

At leat it's not 3 feet of snow, that's all I have to say.

I like rain... rain is good, you don't have to shovel rain!
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and very chilly here this morning. We are getting snow warnings here as well but so far so good.

Not up to much this morning, just finished tidying up the house a bit, the cats had a rodeo in here this morning and they had their toys scattered all over the place.

This afternoon I am going to the library they're doing a travelogue of Switzerland that should be interesting. After that just picking up a few things at the grocery store then heading home.

Need to brush the kitties sometime today as well, since I turned the heat on a little bit they have begun shedding like crazy.

Everyone have a great day.
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I finally turned the heat on this morning It was 30'something and I woke up freezing!

Nothing special today. Working my 2nd job tonight, so probably just have a salad or something quick tonight for dinner.
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good morning everyone

I woke up to a beautiful day, its said to hit 70 today, the sky is bright blue and with a long sleeve shirt I dont have to worry about dragging along a jacket. I have to say, I love this type of weather.

I woke up at 5, turn on the computer, and am shocked to find a email from the teacher of my first class, telling everyone shes sick so we dont have to come in. So I think, great, I can get a bit of sleep and not pass out in the my evening class tonight, but nooo. Mai Sai wanted me up. I tried to turn off, he sticked his paw (and claws) under me, I do it again, he starts making a nest out of my hair finally I gave up and got ready for school. I can always study there.

As we speak I'm on the train to campus. I hope everyone has a good day.
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Hi all!
I was getting ready for work today and when I went out to the livingroom, I happened to look outside and there stood my nextdoor neighbor and a tree cutter looking in my house!!!! I was SOOOO mad! I couldn't believe that he'd dare to do something so invasive! When they saw me, they turned around and walked to the front of his house! I was livid!!!
Then when I left for work, they acted like they didn't even see me. I called my hubby in a rage telling him what happened and he said well you can't do anything if they are in their own yard, that's the point I said, they were right by our DECK, looking in our house!!!! I shut the curtains before I left because I didn't want them back there looking again after I left.
All this they day after I catch him throwing branches from his yard into ours! What the !? You can't pick them up and throw them away like WE have to, so you just toss them into OUR yard!!!! OMG! I am so mad!!!!!! I want to rip him a new behind! I am tempted to put up a sign in the back which says, if you see anything you like IN OUR HOUSE, please let us know! And another one outside that says please keep your branches to yourself, we have enough to clean up without your help! NOT a good way to start your week!!!!!!
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If they are throwing branches into your yard, I hope that you did not move them. Call the police. They are throwing their garbage into your yard. Do you live in a place with a homeowner's association? Make sure that they know ASAP as well.
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Well, today seems a little more fall-like with temps in the mid-seventies. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low '80s again. I want fall! The forecast says the high will be in the '60s with showers this weekend. Yeah! We need the rain!

I called my Mom today and it snowed in The Catskills! In October! So much for global warming. It is also snowing in Elmira where Jen goes to college with highs around 37. Those in the Northeast, take our heat, please! I want fall and rain and snow in the Sierra mountains! For our water supply, not for skiing.
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Today was my first day at work for my new job. I spent the entire work day designing- it was awesome!!!! Best yet, almost all of my designs sold immediately So yea, I had a pretty good work day, thankfully! I was soo nervous, but I'm glad it all worked out well. I think I'm going to like my new job!

After work I went to my sister's house for a few hours then came home and fixed a quick dinner. That's pretty much been it for the night.
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