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The most amazing story

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There is a girl I know, I'll call her A. Me and A are not close friends per say, meaning we don't go out our way to visit each other but talk when we happen to see each other.

A has a long history of reproduction issues. When she was a young teen they told her chances of her ever becoming pregnant were virtually zero. She has told me all the issues before but I forgot all of them. I do remember her saying she has a very narrow uterus and several other things that stop her from being pregnant. Well when she was 16 she became pregnant. Now as I think back on what she told me thats when they told her about the uterus problems and the shock that she was even able to get pregnant much less carry to term. After that pregnancy ,which resulted in a healthy baby boy, they told her chances were slim to ever get pregnant again.

And for 13 years they were right. Despite using no BC or anything she never got pregnant again. So she came to terms that all she would ever have is her son.

Well I saw her the other day with a shirt on that said "Oh boy or girl?". And I was honestly confused I saw her with this shirt on and it looked like she had gained some weight. I was not gonna ask if she was pregnant for fear I would be wrong and she just gained some weight. She saw the perplexed look on my face and told me yes she was pregnant and had 4 mths to go. Her daughter is due around my oldest sons birthday (late Feb.). She told me she did not find out till she was over 3 months because they doctors had always told her she could never have another kid. I assume she found out because she did not have a period for 3 mths and decided to go get things checked out.

Anyways she so is having a baby girl, they plan to name her Denna.

**if the circumstances seem a little confusing its only because its been over a year since she told me about why she could not have more kids. And I am kinda remembering as I type**
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What a wonderful surprise after 13 years! All good wishes to the new baby!
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oh, what a beautiful story! Vibes and prayers for a healthy little girl!\\
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That*s wonderful! I hope everything goes well!

We have a similar story in my family, though it is about my brother. He & his ex never were able to conceive, especially after his 1988 swimming pool accident, in which he broke his neck, and became a quad (paralyzed from the neck down). To make a long story short, she divorced him shortly afterwards, and married the man she was cheating on him with then. They went on to have 2 kids. Fast forward to 5 years ago. He met a wonderful, loving younger lady; they wanted to get married 2-3 months into dating, but she was still tied up in nasty divorce proceedings (which FINALLY came through last May!). Well, November 1 will be my cute little nephew*s 3rd birthday! (And he even has my red hair--we are the only 2 in the family). They were finally able to marry last July, too.

In 1988, he was told he would never move below the neck ever again, much less stand and take steps. He proved them wrong with that. They told him he would never be able to produce children; unless he was very, very lucky with artificial insemination (his baby was, uh, conceived the natural way ). He proved them wrong again! Why couldn*t he conceive, in 13 years of marriage, with the 1st wife; yet, he could with his 2nd? (Though it is just as well he could not with #1, as they eventually divorced.)
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