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Floor Cleaner

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Curious to know - what do you use to wipe or mop your floors with?

I've been using extremely diluted bleach, just a cap to the whole bucket of water, and keep the dog and cat in a room until the floor is completely dry, but I'd still like to try something considered safer.

Or... is my method okay to continue using?

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I use Jeypine...was advised many years ago that that's what most breeders use.
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We use Simple Green. Do not use any kind of Lysol product. Lysol is poisoneous to cats. If you are using the diluted bleach that is fine too.
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I like the Method OMop, Clorox redi mop or the Hoover Floor Mate. I keep the cats out of the kitchen when I use the floor mate and only use it a few times a year when I want a deep cleaning.

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I've also been using diluted bleach (about 20:1), and keeping the cats away until the surface is dry.

Do you think it's really necessary to keep them away from the wet surface? If they get diluted bleach on their paws, and lick them, will that hurt them?
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I use vinegar solution. It changes the ph enough to kill bacteria harmful to us.
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I'll second the Simple Green recommendation. Organic, non-toxic, biodegradable. The stuff is awesome for cleaning all sorts of things... even car parts.
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
I use vinegar solution. It changes the ph enough to kill bacteria harmful to us.
I use vinegar too, for lots of my cleaning. Don't have to worry about a cat accidentally getting on a wet floor. I don't like to use bleach or chemicals, no matter how diluted.
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Maybe I'll try vinegar instead of bleach. What ratio of water to vinegar do you use?
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Does anyone have any of those steam cleaners, like you can get at Bed Bath & Beyond or Target....they're starting to intrigue me for use with my hard surface floors, but don't know much about them in real life. I keep thinking that must leave a safe surface afterwards for the kitties....
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We have tile and wood laminate in most of our condo, carpet in the bedroom and office and an area rug in the living room over the laminate.

I try to use as little bleach as possible in all household cleaning. For most things, vinegar is enough. When mopping the tile, I pour about a cup or two (no exact measuring) into the bucket (which I think is a couple of gallons) and a couple of drops of Dawn dish soap (literally a couple of drops, or you'll end up with a soapy mess that you'll have to rinse to get up)

For the laminate and the carpets/rug, I have a spray bottle that I put about 50% vinegar, 50% water and a splash of alcohol (rubbing or isopropyl) to help it dry faster. For the laminate, I spray it on a small area of the floor at a time and use a mop, like this one that I got at Bed Bath & Beyond, and mop the area I just sprayed, then spray and mop the next area and so on. For the carpet/rug, I blot and spray using the same mixture. In the 10 months we've had Albus, he's never peed outside of the litterbox (*knock on desk*)- it's our dog who has Cushing's Disease who has the accidents. Dog pee doesn't have nearly the odor that cat's does, so if/when Albus has an accident, that may not be enough. Although, vinegar does a pretty good job deodorizing.

The only time I get out the bleach is if I get juice from raw meat on the floor or counter, or when the dog has pooped in his kennel, and even then it's a pretty small amount and LOTS of rinsing.

Simple Green is also very environmentally-friendly and pretty pet-safe, I think. I just like how easy (and cheap!) it is to make my own.
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I have one of those hand held steam cleaners, and while it works ok for lifting dirt and stuff, you still have to clean up after it. It works really well on hairballs undiscovered all night.
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I use bleach, and then rinse. The cats sit on the floor - their butts come in contact with it and not always after they've "cleaned up". This means there could be some pretty tough to kill bacteria down there.

If you can find it, chlorhexidine is a germicide/fungicide and is commonly used by vets. Turtle and tortoise keepers even use diluted chlorhexidine to scrub shells. Other reptile keepers use it to clean cages. So diluted it is a pet safe cleaner.
This would be one very good option for those wanting something to clean litter boxes with. A big jug of it usually costs $40-60, though, but would last a long time.
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I use a shark steam mop
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I use hot water & dish soap, hot water and vinegar, or Swiffer wets. The first two if it's really dirty. The latter if it's ok to do a quick clean. Vinegar does disinfect if that is something you're worried about.
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I have the h2o mop. Uses water and steam, no chemicals. I like that.
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