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I'm worried about Willie...

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I hope I'm not posting on something that's already been discussed, but I am not sure what is going on with Willie. Tonight, he did this weird coughing thing. I have heard cats when they yak up a hairball and it's different from that. He coughed 3 or 4 times in a row and then was fine. He's also been sneezing some over the past few days. He woke me up early Saturday morning when he sneezed about 5 times in a row. He seems totally fine otherwise, but I realized after his coughing thing tonight that he did the same thing the first night I brought him home but just coughed once or twice. I just figured it was a normal thing cats do but now I'm not so sure.

The sneezing started the same day that I put some new food in his bowl... connection? Is it too risky to stop putting the new food in his bowl and see if it goes away or should I go ahead and take him to the vet tomorrow?

I'm really scared that something is the matter with him. I love him so much already and I've only had him a week.
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My Coco does that but she has asthma.
Can you have your cat checked for allergies and see if he has a uri.
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Willie could have a hairball that he needs to pass, or it could be an upper respiratory infection (URI). Allergies, or asthma are possibilities too.

The best thing to do is what you're going to do anyway - keep a close eye on him. Make sure he continues to eat and drink, and use the litter box normally. Watch for behavior changes. Cats can be very good at "masking" symptoms of illness, so sometimes you have to play detective to figure out if there's something wrong.

If the coughing continues, worsens, or other symptoms show up, then it's time for a vet check-up.

BTW, congratulations on adopting Willie! He sounds like such a sweet baby!
I saw the picture you posted - he's a very handsome boy! No wonder you're in love!
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Hannah does this when she has lots of drainage, especially when the seasons change. She's also prone to sneezing and upper respiratory infections (URI) because she has herpes. Your best bet is to take Willie to the vet to rule out an infection. If you just got him, it's possible he's got an URI from all the stress of the new environment. It could be a reaction to the food and you could always test that theory by switching back to what you were feeding him before, but be sure to take him to the vet, esp. if he continues sneezing, sounds congested, and/or his eyes start running.
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As you know, handsome Willie already has a fan club here.

How is Willie doing today?
Although it is not unusual for a kitty coming from a shelter, to have an upper respiratory (URI) infection, if Willie was my boy, I would have him seen by a good vet ASAP, to rule out illness or get a diagnosis so he can be treated.

Let us know what you find out.
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Thanks everyone... I'm continuing to keep an eye on Willie. He seems perfectly fine except for the sneezing and a couple of episodes of coughing. He is eating, drinking, and using his litterbox like a champ. He doesn't sound stuffy and his eyes and nose aren't runny. I'm beginning to think he has an allergy or something. I am DEFINATELY going to take him to the vet but the place I want to take him to doesn't have an opening until next Tuesday. They told me to keep an eye on him and to call back if he gets worse before then. The thing I like about this vet is that they answer the phone 24/7 and will make emergency visits. A friend of mine uses them and really likes both vets that work there. Anyways, that's the update on Willie... I appreciate the kind words and suggestions. He is such a big snuggle-bug!!

As soon as work slows down, I will post more pics of him in the pic forum!! Fan-club members can check those out at their leisure.

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Thanks for the update Candace.
I can tell that, with you, Willie is in excellent hands.

Please let us know here, when you post more photos of Willie..
I don't want to miss them.

Keep us updated about your cuddle boy please.
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"Willie's Photo Shoot" pics are up in the Lounge / Fur Pics forum!

I think they're definitely frame-able... gotta head to Hobby Lobby this weekend for some frames.

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Originally Posted by firedancer722 View Post
"Willie's Photo Shoot" pics are up in the Lounge / Fur Pics forum!

I think they're definitely frame-able... gotta head to Hobby Lobby this weekend for some frames.

On boy....Willie pictures.
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