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Help, nervous stomach? diet.

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Around a week ago I took Pansy to the vet for a UTI and a lot of vomiting. He gave me antibiotic for the UTI and determined that because Pansy was so hi strung, he had nervous stomach. He said to only feed wet, and see how it goes, and the antibiotic would help as well. After a few days of all wet, Pansy stopped vomiting, and I slowly added some dry food to his dinner, He kept trying to get at Fangs. He had his last antibiotic this past saturday, and today he has begun vomiting again. So he only had wet food for dinner, and he just projectile vomited that all over the place. I intend to call the vet tomorrow, but have any of you had this problem? I never had a hi strung cat like this before. If I had never fostered, I wouldn't have him now either. But..... alas, I love him now, but what a pain in the arse. Any suggestions for this condition. I know the doctor said there is medication for it, we were going to go the conservative route first. any homeopathic remedies?
My cats get a third a can of wet and a half a handful of dry twice a day, with extra dry for mr. piggy Fang, when he begs for it. The wet is trader joes turkey and giblets, good quality, and the dry is purina one for sensitive stomach.
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possibley you need a cooling meat ... turkey is slightly warming .... Do not "shoot" but fish and pork are both cooling.. beef on the chart used by my vets is cooling but not cool , i often use it to aid in tummy issues with my yorkie
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thanks sharky, but I do not quite understand the "cooling" thing. I will try beef or pork, no fish due to uti and fang struvite crystals. I have little hope though, because these guys only want trader joes turkey. once in a while they will eat aurhority turkey, but generally turn up their noses. He seems to be licking the bottom of his front feet a lot, so I looked, smelled and wiped them off, there was nothing there that I could find. Is this symptomatic of something? I thought maybe he stepped in something (dirt) in the basement, but there doesne' seem to be anything on his paws. He ate a little food around two hours a go and again a few minutes ago. The TJ, with a little warm water mixed in and a small sprinkle of salt. I elevated it too, and put it on a flat plate. So far it is staying down, but the next two hours will tell the tale. I am going to call the vet now.
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this is just my experience, but i've had much less regurgitating since switching to RC special 33 kibble.
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we are scheduled thursday for blood work and xrays to the tune of around 250.00 I can't believe this. I know we are going to do all this and the answer will be he has a nervous stomach. Which I will be happy about, but why not try nervous stomach meds first?
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likely the stomach meds are potent and may cause other issues??
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