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Panther's meowing

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Pathers meowing problem has gotten much better and she no longer meows all night. But now she tends to meow to wake me up to feed her! She is on a diet of Wellness CORE and Wellness wet. She gets 1/4 cup dry in the mornings and 1/2 6oz can at night, but she not starts meowing 2 hours before I usually wake up and feed her. She also has gotten into the habit of getting into the garbage and begging for human food as well. Is there anyway to discourage this and stop her whining? Am I feeding her too little? She is only just over a year old and already weighs 11.5 lbs, I just don't want her getting overweight. Thanks
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For that same reason we feed our pets as the very last part of our morning routine. The begging starts later. Also, older cats tend to do less of it. You could try an auto feeder though if you're losing too much sleep. As far as the amount goes I'm really not sure. It tends to vary based on the type of food you're feeding and I'm not familiar with that brand. Usually, the food has a chart on the bag that you can use as a guide and, of course, nothing takes the place of a vet's advice! You might post a new thread in the Nutrition board. Someone there may have more insight.
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Is she on a diet? When Chandler Ray was 3, the vet and I decided he was very overweight and put him on a diet. We changed his food, but there was still free-feeding. We switched to feeding prescribed amounts at prescribed times. He did lose weight, but there was continual whining and scratching at the door of the cupboard where the food was kept. He's now 14, but the whining for food went on for years. He's much better now. He still gets anxious when it's close to feeding time.
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Maybe you could add some extra food in hidden places and those little "food balls" - it's supposed to entertain them as well as making them work for their food (just like hunting outdoors does)
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
Maybe you could add some extra food in hidden places and those little "food balls"
We just tried this with our cat Hemmy. We don't free feed and he's a bit obsessed with food. He figured out in the mornings that if he begged for food and we ignored him that he could spray and get our attention. I started giving him a treat ball with a portion of his breakfast in it to occupy him until food time. It didn't catch on immediatly but this morning he was in there flipping it around getting his treats. No spraying!
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I just learned about the Feliway diffuser product, could this be of use to calm down the "I want attention/food" meowing? I don't know much about it, could I use it for a while and then stop after a period of time without having problems afterward? Thanks
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I really like the Feliway diffuser and advocate it for all kinds of behavior issues. I don't know that it would help you with this particular problem, though. Maybe someone else will know better. If you wanted to try it though it certainly wouldn't hurt. I've found the best prices on Amazon and if you get it definitely go with the diffuser and not the spray.
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