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Arthur's lost weight...vibes pls

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Arthur has been feeling a little skinny lately, I cant feel his ribs but his back feels a little bony. Im a worrier (big time) so Im a little stressed about it. He's lost about three pounds in about two months and I cant afford to get blood tests and all that done. I have switched food recently (from Chicken Soup to Solid Gold) and with CS the minimum fat was 20% for SG its 12% minimum. So that could be the reason. I'm gonna boost his fat intake and keep an eye on him, while trying not to panic meantime. If anyone has any thoughts I'm happy to listen, but I wanted to ask for a few vibes, just becase
Can you feel your cats spine? All mine are a little fat, maybe feeling the spine is noraml.
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Can you afford a vet check?? just wt , temp and body overall ??
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I can do weight and temp myself. He was at the vet about two months ago and got the all clear then.
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I am a big paranoid when it comes to cats losing weight and a worrier too. I am sending lots of for both of you!

I can't feel the backbone on any of my kitties, even though I can feel their ribs. Zoe, my CRF kitty got bony when her CRF first started, but now she has gained some weight and is properly hydrated it isn't so prominent.

The three biggest concerns would be worried about are kidney disease, hyperthyroidism and secondary liver problems due to rapid weight loss.

How old is Arthur? Is he still eating good? Is he drinking or peeing more than normal? Keep a close eye on him and make sure he is eating and that he is not throwing up sometime later.

If all these things are ok it might be that the new food is just that much less in calories. Are any of the other cats losing weight?

For piece of mind I would really try to get at least a chemistry run. Maybe your vet would let you get the blood draw without having to have a full exam? A chemistry panel shouldn't run more than $65. Would your vet let you pay like $5 a week to get one done?

Or maybe there is a low cost clinic at the Humane Society that you could contact. 3 pounds is a lot for a kitty to loose.
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I agree with kittymonsters - 3 pounds in just 2 months is a *big* weight loss.

Depending on the cat, you can sometimes feel the spine pretty easily, but it shouldn't be so prominent that you can see it. Your vet can tell you if Arthur is too skinny or at a normal weight for his frame and age.

I know you were just at the vet 2 months ago, but obviously something has changed since then. Significant weight loss over a short period of time is a sign that something is wrong. You're better off addressing it now than waiting and risking that things get worse. Call your vet and tell him/her about this. Ask if the food change could have caused the weight loss. If they suggest bringing Arthur in, and they probably will, ask if they can work with you on a payment plan since you had bloodwork done just 2 months ago.

Sending lots of good thoughts to you and Arthur .
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Rapid weight loss can be a serious symptom of many things. Please get him checked asap.
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We're heading to the vet today. Im nervous about how much it's going to cost, of course I'll tell the vet I cant afford too much but he doesnt know how much things are. Im praying it's something small and insignificant. Maybe just a cold, or a nasty hairball, but Im so nervous, Im sure you all can identify when I say that my cats are my babies.
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I hope he will be ok.
Yoshi did that and that was the only sign he was sick.
Three pounds is alot in 2 months.
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I sure can understand when you say they are your babies, its not easy when one of them are sick. Good luck. Many Prayers and
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