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yet ANOTHER issue to deal with.... :(

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A week ago the secretary of my condo board caught me at 1030 pm when i had been hiding from her all weekend to tell me she talked to the Animal control officer and she would work with me. "Off the record", I could take the cats into the woods - my plan all along.

I was of course VERY happy about this. So I send her an email making sure i can lure the cats around one corner of her backyard into the woods - could do it in 3 days but said id like a week to make sure they are all following. I wrote this because she said she would be here this weekend and didnt want her seeing me and having a problem - ALSO i wanted to make sure there was no one in her building that may also object. I even said I would feed them at night if i had to.....

I just got a reply asking for me to wait (i already started) because she NEEDS to tell the board. A freaking week ago it was "off the record" out of her mouth and now shes like turning on me. I feel like such an idiot because now she knows where the cats are going and shes going to run her freaking mouth to the WRONG people!!!! THIS could totally and completely ruin everything ive worked for and pretty much kill the cats. I have this winter shelter im about to put back there that NO ONE WOULD EVER find - until now and then thats taken away or im fined or God knows what.... AND its too late - I cant hurry up and get them back there because she KNOWS EVERYTHING NOW!!!!

I wrote her back asking her to please wait - i can get A. control to talk to the board (which is what she said she would like to do anyway). Im just so angry and upset - i cant take this constant seesaw issue with these condo people.

I shouldnt have trusted her - even if she is on my side - she's making hte wrong choice - but I dont know how she can go from "take them into the woods - (wink, wink)" to NOW i have to tell on you. I swear I will blame myself if this all fails....
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You did the right thing given the circumstances. You cannot be responsible for people like that. You had no way of knowing she was going to make it "on the record" when it was "off the record."

And FOR the record, you have trapped - 20? cats now? And it ISN'T EVEN AT YOUR BUILDING. So these people should be on their hands and knees THANKING YOU - AND you're doing what the animal control officer suggested to begin with!

So this IS going to work out, and you have not endangered these animals.

Do your best to breathe deeply, keep envisioning a great outcome, and hang in there.

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