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I probally would have held my toung also, but been VERY upset! This is why my cats go to a vet that is cats only I had alot of problems at my last vet where she would see all the dogs first and people with cats sat for about 2-3hours in her waiting room!! I hate when people tell me "it's just a cat." It is NOT just a cat it is my furry child! How would you like it if I told you "it's just a dog" I don't feel that any animal is "just" an animal. I love them all, I just like cats the best!
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Well, I have budgies, too, so I do love birds, indoor and outdoor.

It was extremely rude and ill-informed of that woman to say that to you about cats. When I go to the vet with the cat or the birds, I say "hello" to all of the pets in the waiting area. They all respond to me because they know that I am a pet lover. Bet no other pet responded to that woman, not even any dogs that were waiting.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
My respoinse, was I dont remember asking you for your opion on my if i were you, i would keep my mouth shut.
oh, it would have been great to see that scene
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... "Well at least my cat has the tact to refrain from commenting on his opinion of you."

... ah the responses after the fact!
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post

Dear Madam,

My dog is, after all, a DOG. I am sorry if YOU were offended by his behavior, but that's what DOGS do. It is a DOG thing and I am not sorry he acted like a DOG. That's why I have a DOG. I like how they are. Dr. XXX suggested that I offer to purchase a new carrier for you since yours was ruined, but I find that is putting too much into what happened.

Again, and only because Dr. XXX said I had to apologize to you, I am sorry you were offended.
i'd've sent him a return email with a link to the carrier, showing the cost, & advising him that Tonka was a prize-winning show cat, valued @ $xxxx.xx, & requesting reimbursement for the carrier, plus Tonka's pain & suffering. then i'd've threatened him w/small claims court!
that's simply ridiculous!
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Reminds me of the "Jerk Store" Episode of Seinfeld when George drives all the way to Ohio to deliver a comeback he thought of a little too late (When the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you!)

I'm sure you would have thought of something much more clever though!
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Ick. Snide people are the worst. There's nothing more horrible than some idiot thinking that sneering at you and making some derogatory comment about hair/shoes/weight/pet makes them seem like a better/superior/more valuable human being.

I was at the vets a while ago and a woman walked in with the most adorable puppy. So I was cooing over the dalmation puppy, with Mack in her carry case over my shoulder, and this woman's like; "Why are you cooing at my dog, you have a cat." but in a really... I dunno. Nasty tone. Derogatory. I was just floored, because that's almost like saying that I'm not allowed to stroke her dog because I have a cat or whatever, (not to mention the scorn she managed to put in the word 'cooing'...) but the vet- who really loves Mackerel and who I see quite regularly when I stop in to buy treats/food/litter/toys smiles at this woman, and says "She just doesn't want you to feel bad. Please make your way to exam room one." then he winks at me and follows this woman in there. XD
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Originally Posted by Jalindal View Post
...but the vet- who really loves Mackerel and who I see quite regularly when I stop in to buy treats/food/litter/toys smiles at this woman, and says "She just doesn't want you to feel bad. Please make your way to exam room one." then he winks at me and follows this woman in there. XD
Hee! That's great. My vet came out after the woman had already left and asked me, "Did I hear that right, I was in the back. That woman just said she didn't like your cat?!" Folding her arms and tapping her foot. She even moved to the front window to see if she was still in the parking lot as if she would have said something to her if she were still there. My vet nicknamed Niko "Mr. Moosh" 'cause he's such a friendly cuddle bug and she was genuinely dismayed that another one of her patients' moms would have said such a thing.

She then said, "She's just jealous 'cause her dog's an ass." And winked at me. LOL I love my vet. *holds herself back from going on a praising tangent of her vet*
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I like many of you like both dogs and cats. I have a slight fear of birds, but would never be that rude. I may be afraid of them ,but can see their beauty and understand why others would want them as a pet.

I have had this discussion with a friend of mine several times. I just don't get why people who don't like cats find it so necessary to be so nasty about them. People would never say that to someone with a dog. I just don't get why people are so mean about cats? I like dogs, but for me I feel more connected to cats. I guess I am always offended when people are so nasty about cats and will never understand the deep level of hate some people have for cats.
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I caught this late.

But I have to say last week a guy brought in a stray cat that he trapped.

He had the nerve to tell me "I don't like cats very much." ( I WORK AT AN ANIMAL SHELTER!)

I laughed and said "Well I don't like people very much, so there ya go. Except I can't trap people and take them somewhere."

This seem to shut him up.
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