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cat issue

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. im sad.

i have a 12 year old cat named Tabor. he is mostly an outside cat. out during the day, or sometimes comes in to cuddle and hang out. we put him in the garage at night, and let him out in the morning. a few days ago he got in a fight with one of the local feral cats. his head for scratched, but there we no other visibile signs...except for a small cut under his chin.

ever since he has been extremely lathargic. he has never been a people person (except to me and my parents). usually he would run away from company / my niece and nephew toddlers.

but now, he is just slowlyyyyy walking around the house and half sits places. then gets up and slowlyyy walks to somewhere else. he eats and drinks MAYBE every other day, give or take. last night , i set him in front of his food and water, and he just did a complete circle. slowly walked. sniffed the food/lowered his head to the water, then walked back to me (4ft or so). then repeated the same actions like 3 or 4 times until he slowly walked off to the side.

we took him to the vet and they couldnt see anything wrong with him. they ultrasounded his bladder (6 years ago he had a urinary tract issue, but we had him on low magnesium food to help with that, and he hasnt had an issue since) and it looked fine. checked his ears...perfectly healthy. got his blood and urine checked....perfectly healthy. we have some antibiotics and painkillers(i think) that they gave us for him.

he has just been totally crummy since his altercation. the vet couldnt find anything wrong with him, and we dont know what to do.he's very weak, and we have been giving him a little more attention than usual. he just seems like a totally different cat. and when i brought him to the vet in our makeshift cat carrier, he jumped out of his 1 ft tall box ..and basically didnt land gracefully on the tile to say the least..and cats can usually do that. however, this coulda just been cause he couldnt rly gauge the depth in the time he had looked up out of his box. it just wasnt pleasant.

does anyone have any idea what we could do?

im sad....any help would be great.
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Can you take him to another vet for a 2nd opinion? Maybe take the paperwork from the 1st vet so you don't have to repay for it all or they have something to compare any new test to. Good luck!
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