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PLEASE HELP! He won't quit whining!!!

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OK, I got a cat from a friend of mine on Friday, and ever since hes arrived, he hasn't quit whining! We have an older cat that hissed at him when we brought him but since it's got better. The cat is very well fed, watered, and a lot of attention. The bad is thing I can't do anything w/o it having to be in my lap 24/7! When I do let him down he will cry the ENTIRE time and does the same thing when I goto bed and can hardly sleep!!!! We've taken him to a vet and nothing is wrong with him. It's a sad situation, I don't want to send him to a pound but this is really sad.
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I think that cats normally meow when they are in distress, I know mine do when I put them in carriers to go to the vet etc. If he is grating on your nerves and you are spending a good amount of time with him, maybe you could try making him a comfortable space in a bedroom and just leave him be for a while. He is in a new situation and is unsure of himself, it should get better over time.

I'm fairly certain that the advice you get here will mainly be to be more caring and to cut the poor cat some slack, but I understand that it's a new situation for you as well. If I were you, I would do what you need to do to help both you and him get through these first few weeks. A pound is a frightening place for a cat to go and I don't have a lot of hope that someone new is going to swoop in and rescue him.

Did his previous owner tell you that he was a loud cat? Why did she let him go?
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Yeah, I don't mean to sound like an @$$ but it really is irritating and I'm a BIG cat lover. Anyways, she got rid of him because she has 5 cats already and can't care for anymore. Nope, never cried for her except for the first 2 weeks after birth.
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How old is he?
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2 months old
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Originally Posted by Lucky24 View Post
2 months old
Oh, geez! He's just a baby! Was he part of a litter? 8 weeks is kinda young to be separated from mom and siblings. He's having a hard time adjusting to his new surroundings. Is he home alone during the day? Have you considered getting him a pal? One of his sibbies? Try a large, plush cuddle toy. You can even put your smell on it with dirty clothing - like a sweatshirt.

Also, do you play with him and tucker him out so he will sleep at night - just like an infant?

Give it some time..... like I said, he's young and in a strange environment without anyone or anything he knows or understands -- except you.
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Oh, I think he will be fine, he is just a kitten, in a new place with all new smells and with new faces. You have already received some great advice, and I'll bet in a few days he will be more comfortable. He is probably just scared, poor little guy. Giving him lots of love and some play time will make such a difference. Let us know how he is doing.
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Welcome to TCS!!! Bless you for taking in the new baby.
and he is a tiny baby and needs either to be in a litter or does need the constant companionship. do you know any disabled person who is home bound who can kitten-sit while you are at work? Kittens are born in litters, so need companionship.
I know it's a big hassle. I once rescued a kitten from a dumpster, and fortunately, my day time boss was understanding and let me bring him to work. At night, my girls & babysitter were there to help out. The result was a very outgoing, social cat who loved car travel and visited all over the State of California and was welcomed at the bank and the video store.
Sending calming prayers and vibes to you and your sweet little guy
Also, since he's so young, he may be cold (temperature wise) as well as very confused and lonely.
You might be able to find a foster mom with a similar-aged litter for him to spend another month with. Or maybe adopt another kitten to keep him company. Please keep us posted Susan
Here's a link from Vericoon Maine Coon Cats' page that gives a good discussion about kitten- raising that I hope you will find helpful:
Of course, as a breeder, the author's situation is optimal - don't we all wish that our kitties could be so fortunate in their situations My former feral Scott certainly had a rough first 6 years, but tamed down into an excellent cat!
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I have an assortment of kitties (6) that for one reason or another folks were dropping off for me to care for after they were abandoned, abused or whatever! Almost all were kittens with the youngest being 1-2 weeks old. I was also new to raising kittens and boy what a learning experience!

One in particular was extremely needy and a constant whiner and yes!!! it certainly was unnerving at times!

I promise you that they did outgrow that initial neediness, and I found it helps that they do have each other. They seek each other out and love that body contact! They can usually be found wrapped around each other in some fashion or another and all are fairly affectionate, (on their terms of course).

Good were given some good suggestions! I hope better days are coming for you and your baby!

I'm having another issue that I'll be posting on about 2 of my babies who are driving me nuts with thier sucking!
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He is just a baby!! Poor thing needs lots of attention and time. This is your bonding and training time. It can be frustrating because your life revolves around this needy being but it is also a time to enjoy a kitten being a kittten! They can be so darn cute. and do the funniest things.

i think people think cats are "easier" than dogs in regards to their babyhood. But just like a dog they need to be trained and helped to grow up into confident animals who know the rules of the house. Give it time. All too soon your kitten will be a cat, and a lovely companion.

You are a mama/daddy!
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Just think about where your little kitten would be if he were still with mom and siblings. He would be cuddled up with them keeping warm and comforted. Probably explains why he wants to be on your lap all the time.

My first suggestion would be to get him a friend...probably a sibling from his litter if one were still available. However, I know that's not always possible or desireable. Just give him some time! Perhaps put some shirts/blankets with your scent around would give him another comforting place to lie. I know I always find mine on my clothes after I take them off and throw them on the bed/floor.

The poor little guy has only been with you a few days...he misses his mommy and siblings and is getting used to new surroundings.
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Chandler Ray was 3 weeks when I got him. Because of his size, I pretty much learned to do everything with one hand (the other was holding him). When he got a little older, he had a blankie to sleep on. While it was being washed and dried, he whined and paced the whole time. When Sammy came to live with us, he was sleeping on Chandler Ray's blankie. At first I didn't realize why he was whining. Once I got it, I found another blankie for Sammy, Chandler Ray had his back, and the whining stopped. Because Chandler Ray was handled so much as a kitten (by EVERYONE), he is now (at 14) the most social, loving cat. Whining is very annoying, but it does get better. Keep us informed.
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