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I think this is terrible

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They mad a law so you can not have more then 3 pets in Oakdale which Is about 5 miles from here.
So many people are mad.
They have 5 and 6 cats and take care of the and now the have to get rid of anything over 3.
I can underdstand some of the laws but not the part the makes good owners get rid of them.
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Okay enforcing dog one I can see, but how in the world are they going to enforce the cat laws? Is someone going to be driving around to everyones house getting a police warrant to do a search?

Me thinks it would cost too much money to enforce this law.

I say want a pet? License them and charge the fees upon. Are shelter did it and made it mandatory for all cats/dogs to be licensed. How do we verify this? Rabies vaccines. All vets have to give us proof of rabies list. So far out revenue for an underbugeted shelter has increased by almost 200,000 dollars so for.

That money goes to help the animals.

I think as long as a person takes care of their pets, there should be no problem with the number you keep as long as it isn't excessive like 50 cats or something.
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Remind me to NOT move to Oakdale. I only have two cats at the present but I might have four in the future. So I would become a criminal. A menace to society. This goes to show that people that live in communities should take part in becoming at least spectators at the council meetings of the cities they live in and when they see a bill like this idiotic one going on the table, fight it! My God, think of how many TCS members would be living a life of crime if they lived in Oakdale!

Pay attention to what YOUR city council is up to!
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I have 4 and am a good cat owener.
Thank god we didnt move there.
We almost did when we were looking at houses.
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They did a similar thing on limits of pets in Omaha Nebraska. Know friends that can't get another show cat unless they either place some they have or one of them dies (they are pets first, show cats second).
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Isn't there a grandfather clause or something saying if they owned more than 3 pets before the law was passed that they could be exempt (if proper care is shown, of course). That just doesn't sound right to me! Just another way of the government stepping in and taking control of our lives.
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You would think they would do that but they wont. I know other cities that let people keep them until they die.
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There's a 3 pet law here in a local town. I know someone who 6 cats, 1 dog, 3 ferrets, & 4 sugar gliders. No one can actually enforce that law very readily.
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There's a 3 pet limit (dogs and cats combined) where I live as well. The next city up allows for 6 cats but no more than 3 dogs. They're not too strict on the cats as they are dogs as long as no one complains, though they recently cracked down on a horder who had over 25 cats.
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That is really a dumb law It attempts to measure pet owners with a set number, when any reasonable person knows that some people with 1 dog or cat will neglect that one pet far more than others do theirs even though they have 6 or more. And you just can't outlaw stupid
And I am sure that there are plenty of laws already on the books regarding proper care of the animals, so hoarding should already be covered....
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Nobody is going to dictate how many cats I can have in my own home. Thats where I draw the line.
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Well, get ready for more of the same now country wide. Our president elect is a HUGE ANIMAL RIGHTS supporter. Animal bans of all types are sure to happen everywhere now. I urge everyone to attend their city, county and even state meetings when possible. Voice your opinion and don't let them take away your rights. It WILL happen now during the next 4 years, unless you stand strong and tell your law makers/legislators that you will not stand for these laws banning animal ownership. We were victorious here in Ohio once again. A very small rural town wanted to doe this very same thing. We had that town hall packed with angry animal owners and lovers. That ordinance was killed.
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