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Secret Santa Shipping information

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The US Postal Service has announced the International Holiday Shipping Deadlines:

Canada Post:

Royal Mail:
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Thanks for digging those out for us , Karen!
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Thanks Karen!

Looks like I better get busy finishing mine up and wrapping it!
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Just a reminder if you are sending to another country:

If you do wrap your package there is a chance customs will unwrap it before it arrives at its destinations. I normally try to stick to gift bags and gift boxes when customs is involved.
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thank you for this very important info!!
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Thank you Thank you Thank you Karen
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I thought I had till the end of the month! Oh bummer...I only just bought my kiwi nephews gifts today. Oh well, I guess Canadian Santa will be late again this year. We told my nephew when he was much younger that Santa has to come all the way from Canada to give him his gift, that's why it took so long.
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Also, if shipping to Canada, please make sure you mark the customs form as "gift". If you do not the recipient must pay duties and taxes on it. A little more information:

Gifts from friends and relatives, valued at $60CDN or less, are duty and tax exempt. In cases where the gift is valued at more than $60CDN, the CBSA will assess duties and taxes on the excess amount. Items being sent as goods ordered from a commercial business and addressed to a consumer in Canada are not eligible as gifts.
If someone from Canada has more information about this, please post.
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I don't have more information. I did know about marking the package as "gift", but I was not aware that goods ordered from a commercial business could not be designated thus. I suppose I understand why: what would be stopping a person from placing an order for their own use, and having it sent to a friend designated as a gift in order to duck duties and taxes? Still it does tie people's hands a bit in terms of shipping, and is important information. Thanks for posting that, Karen.
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Giving this a bump.
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I just received this from a Canadian Member:

UPS has raised their customs brokerage fees once again and the fees on even $60 worth of goods can be $40 when brought into Canada from abroad, so it is a good idea to remind those relatives abroad to send by regular mail or another courier rather than pay for a gift.
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I'm not sure I understand what that means? I thought they didn't have to pay if it was sent as a "gift" rather than merchandise?
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So if you just send by regular mail you don't have to pay that brokerage fee, right? As long as it's marked "gift".
What's with the fees to Canada?!
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Canada Post workers are on strike, but they say it won't affect the holiday mail. The strikers are not the people who handle the mail, so hopefully the post won't be disrupted.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
So if you just send by regular mail you don't have to pay that brokerage fee, right? As long as it's marked "gift".
What's with the fees to Canada?!
Yep the fee is for UPS (Fedex and DHL charge too but a bit less) to take the package into the customs building and process the form that you fill out when you send - so really for nothing. Canada Post charges $5 regardless of the cost of the item for bringing it into customs, but nothing if you are not levied taxes on it. Certain types of UPS shipping have brokerage included but if you send USPS it will be handled by Canada Post and therefore no or lower brokerage fees.

I have only been charged fees twice by CP, once when the item was valued at $100 and not a gift (so I paid $7 tax and $5 brokerage) and once when they didn't notice it was marked gift but they offered me my money back right away.
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Yes, please send regular mail if going to Canada. I sent someone something to Canada through UPS and it was a nightmare the fees that were involved.
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I just went to the post office on my lunch hour to send a company package by Registered Mail. There were hardly any customers there. The ladies behind the counter were ultra helpful. I said they must be having the lull before all the Christmas rush and one of them said that the public thought they were on strike.

The folks at Canada Post that are on strike are the office/admin people, i.e., HR, customer service, etc. The postal carriers and clerks in the outlet offices are being stopped (slowed down) upon arrival at work so the daily service is a bit delayed but still going through.
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Just a note - Shipping Deadlines for some countries are quickly approaching!
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