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Saturday's DT

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Good Morning Everyone!What is everyone going to do today? Me I have no idea!I was going to go to a cat show,but Ted doesn't want to and his sermomn isn't done,he knew if it wasn't done I would't ask him to go! Anyway have a good day!
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Well, lots of homework for me...

You know how when you have like a week off, and you put off everything, and then on the last day of your vacation you're stuck with tons of tasks? Today is that day for me...
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I have had a super busy week.....2 job interviews, a friend in town, and even a tv appearance! There is a huge news story about how the state is making gigantic cuts in the education budget. Local news came to my school for a reaction, and my principal basically pushed me in front of the camera. It was kind of exciting, but I can see why I am no movie star!
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wow, now we have a celebrity on the forum!

I bet it was exciting!!!
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I got grandkids!!!!!

Fortunately, this is the last that those kids will keep ME up all night.
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Today it's raining, and so I feel all blah. I'll probably do cleaning,(yeah), and if I feel like venturing out in the downpours I might even get my eyebrows waxed.

Can u stand the excitement of it all, but I'm glad everyone else is so busy and fullfill, new babies, movie stars, WOW!!!!!!!!!!
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5 hours of drivers ed this morning downtown. I couldn't do anything right.

Making plans for the trip to New Orleans, seeing as I have to get a job and my friends might hold some sort of craft sale...lol. I have until December to come up with $1366 that I don't have. Yay.
It's actually sinking in that I'm actually going to get out of this province for a few days. I'm really looking forward to it. But, I'm really scared of going on an airplane because I never have before.

Tonight I have a bunch of homework, some plans to make up for my next craft classes, and if it's still light when I'm done I might take Socks out on her harness.
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Congratulations, Cindy. How about some details? Gender, weight, names?
How are the new parents doing?
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