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Opinions on flights?

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I am looking at flying to a cat show in Baltimore in December and have picked out two possible flights. They are both just under $300 bucks and I don't know which is a better one to fly with. I am planning to bring back a female cat and have her under my seat.

First flight is with Delta and the second is with Northwest Airlines.

Does anyone have any opinions on which airline is better for traveling and/or if there are any better airlines to look into? These two are convenient to me and good prices.
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I've flown both. They are pretty reliable as far as on time flights. You shouldn't have any problems.

Also did you check out I find they have lower prices sometimes (better then CheapTickets)
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I used to find the flights. I usually then book directly through the airline page.

I wasn't aware that you could get different prices through different sites
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Originally Posted by Sohni View Post
I am planning to bring back a female cat and have her under my seat.
Have you asked what the requirements are for bringing your cat on the plane with you? Different airlines have different specifications for what the size of your carrier can be that goes under the front seat. My wife recently took a kitten in an approved AA carrier but even then the poor kitty was crammed into the bag and DW took her out as soon as the plane took off. It does not go under your seat but under the seat in front of you. But most of all, you need to check before boarding what the limitations are. I have personally witnessed a screaming woman because the airline said the cat would have to be shipped as cargo because of its size.
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Have you checked to see if either allow pets in the seating are? I know Air Canada doesn't and animals have to travel freight.
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Yes, I looked into all that. The purpose of the flight is to go pick up a cat, so I wouldn't want to screw it up (= Delta allows 2 cats per cabin and it's first come first serve. So when I make the reservations I need to check that. If there are already cats reserved then I need to change my flight times.

I have links to approved pet carriers that fit under the seat in front of you. Will pick one up prior to the flight.
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I've flown Northwest and had a great experience. The flight attendant I had allowed me to take my kitty out to stretch [I knew she wasn't going to try to run], and then the pilot wanted to meet her, so she got to go to the cockpit for a minute.
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Actually the Sherpa bags (soft-sided) ones work on flights. I used them all the time - not the hard carriers under the seat.
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