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Can Eden get some MEGA vibes?

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Eden's got an appt to go to the vet to be spayed tomorrow.

I drop her off before work tonight.

To be honest, there is a very real possibility that something will go wrong in surgery - given we do not know what caused her balance issues & they are still there slightly.

I trust this vet wholeheartedly, he'll take good care of my girl.

So, being extremely paranoid, Eden & I could use some mega . I've never worried much about a kitty have surgery before - but Eden is something special....I can't describe it - she's just Eden.
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Vibes on their way!
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Sending tons of mega-vibes to you and Eden!
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and prayers for Miss Eden
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Lotsa for this sweetheart.
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for safe spay and a quick recovery
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Awww, Nat. Sending mega, mega vibes for Eden.
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Many Prayers and for Eden.
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Lots of vibes for Eden!
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Here's a helping of those famous TCS vibes
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Let us know how it goes. She'll be in my thoughts!
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More good vibes for Eden!
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Sending and Prayers for Eden.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
Vibes on their way!
& you know how powerful those TCS vibes are! from down south, too!
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Adding mega prayers and vibes for Eden
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Lots of vibes for Eden.
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Lots of on their way to you and your special girl.
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Oh good luck with the surgery!!! I have faith Eden will do just fine! My girls just had it done today and I was such a worry-wart over it too!

For Eden
FOR YOU!!!!!!!
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Lots of vibes for your baby - I'll keep her in my thoughts!
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Adding some more

Hopefully sweet Eden is resting comfortably by now and getting ready to come home to you tomorrow.
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Sending tons of vibes for Eden!
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ohhhh MY GOD!! THis post almost gave me a heart attack~ Vibes for the beautiful girl....
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Oh she doesn't get spayed until Tuesday (tomorrow). I won't be able to pick her up until Wed I think - trying to talk them into letting me pick her up Tues so I can watch her rather than leave her alone at the vet's office with no one watching her.

I dropped her off before work - she was hollering the entire time - so I got her out & hugged her. They all love her there.
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Lots of vibes for Eden today!

When will you hear how she does in surgery Nat?
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I told them to call me - they usually do it when she starts to wake up....so around 3ish today I'm expecting a call.
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She's back home & miserable. Her balance is still pretty off. She also has yet another pretty nasty UTI....so another round of anti-biotics. She hiding/sleeping with her catnip banana at the foot of my bed under my blanket. Must be her safe place - that's where she had kittens & ruined my last blanket!

I keep telling her "no more babies for you my girl".
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Make up a couple of rice heaters or hot water bottles and keep her nice and warm, Nat. Anesthesia can lower the body temp and as long as she is cool, she won't eat and the antibiotics will make her nauseated. The resulting retching can tear the incision and well ... it just goes downhill from there. She has to have food on board with the antibiotics. The balance thing is from the ketamine (God I hate that stuff) and she will feel much better in a day or two after it leaves her system.

Did they give you anything for pain relief?
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She got a pain injection today....supposed to watch her to see how she is tomorrow. Got the rice bags in her hidey hole already....had some made up from after her babies got fixed. Gonna let the 3 remaining kittens be with her supervised once she calms down - right now she's going ballistic.

I never even thought to ask about what anesthesia was used - they used gas for her given how her babies reacted & past health history, I believe.
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Awww...poor girl. Lots of good so she's feeling back to her old self in no time.
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So glad to hear Eden's back home!!!

Since Eden's balance was off before the anesthesia, it may be awhile 'til you can tell if it's the same as it was before or not, especially since she may still be showing the effects of the anesthesia too.

I'm glad she got an injection of pain meds today, but I wish the vet had given you additional meds to administer at home for the next few days. I don't understand why some vets automatically do follow-up pain meds and others don't. Spaying is major surgery, and the pain meds help the cat heal by relieving the body of dealing with the stress of pain. We know how well cats "mask" pain and illness, so it's really difficult to tell sometimes if they're hurting. But with surgery, there is discomfort and pain.

I'm very happy that Eden got through the surgery ok. You must be so relieved! Sending lots of feel-better-soon wishes to your girl.
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