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Genetics- Color Questions!!

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For those of you that know a little something about genetics....

My male Sphynx Stud just breed my mother-in-laws two Sphynx Females and they are due this week. We can't wait to see what the babies will look like, any guesses???? I will update with pics when babies are born and we will see who was right???? All guesses appreciated!!

Male is Solid Cream. With Age the hair on his nose and ear tips have turn somewhat Red/Orange. His body is very light cream.

Female#1 - is solid Blue

Female#2 - is White and Blue Van

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Since the sire and both dams are both dilutes, all of your kittens will be blues, blue-creams (females), or creams. Female one will produce solids, while female two will produce any of those colors with white. You won't get any vans, since both parents need to have white spotting to create vans.
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However, IF the male is a light red and not a cream, then you will also get black or torties. Otherwise it will be the dilute versions of blues and creams.

If you get black or tortie, you know the male has to be a red and not a cream.
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No cream kittens are possible, just blue males (or blacks if male is red) and bluetortie females (or blacktortie if male is red), without white for queen 1 and with white for queen 2.

Is there any point, mink or sepia in their pedigree ?
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Oops you are right. There would be no solid creams
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As others have said. There is also a chance of course that they could be carrying other recessive genes that may show up in the kittens if both parents are carriers eg. colourpoint or chocolate (as they are both dilute this could show up as lilac and lilac/cream tortie kittens as well as blue and blue/cream) for example. The best way to judge whether this may be a possibility is to check the parents' pedigrees back as far as possible to see whether these colours or markings are in their ancestry
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In general what you see in about 5-6 generations is about what you'd get. Once in awhile you might get a "weird" one. Case in point. A friend of mine that breeds Cornish - she had a solid chocolate in a litter. If you went by the 5 generation pedigree you would say "no way". CFA didn't want to register the cat with the colors of the first few generations.

The breeder had to go back 8-9 generations on both sides to find out there was chocolate on both sides before CFA would allow the cat to be registered. It took that long for the 2 chocolate genes to combine in one cat and show up
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Wow this is all so interesting and I can't wait to see what we get. I looked on the studs pedigree and found that atleast three generations back we have lots of blues and white as well as black torties and reds. Gizmo was very lilac when he was born. He still at certain times has a lilac hue to him but I would say mostly cream. The ears and nose lately turning somewhat red. It is hard to say... I will update everyone next week when the kittens are born and post pics.
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btw, your daughter informed me today about the impending kittens!
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I know we can't wait!! One is due the end of this week and the other the first of next week if my calculations are correct!!!
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