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The Daily Thread Monday October 27th

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Hello everyone

Seems hard to believe that October will be over at the end of the week.

Its another windy and below normal temp kind of day. We will be in upper 30's for most of day with chance of snow flurries. Snow is reported in the "snowbelt' region of WI and the UP of Michigan. Have a fire going in wood stove to keep the house, well less chilly.

Doing some laundry now,then stopping at butcher shop this morning as they have some good prices and off to work.

Most likely working on family room ceiling for a bit too.

Bobs is patrolling the yard, the other two in the family room.

Have a good start to the work week.
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Good morning

It's a bit chilly out, in the 50ºs this morning. Had the heat going on this car The cement crew for our foundation was scheduled to be out on our property between 9-10am this morning, so there should be house progress starting today - FINALLY! I'm sure when I see it tonight when I get home, I'll start getting super-excited.

After work I'm going to go try and do some more work on the transmission I've been building at Rob's work. It should be done soon He let me take one apart and put it back together again to switch something on Saturday, so I've got a pretty good idea on what I'm doing with the one I'm building now (its the same one, just different years).

Then it's chicken breasts for dinner, and hopefully hitting the sack early! We woke up late this morning and therefore took me almost 1.5 hours to drive to work with all the school traffic!
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Morning All!!!

Still windy, rainy and cool here today. They are saying it's suppose to clear up and be nice for the rest of the week but time will tell.

Working on some chores around the house today, cleaning my fridge and cupboards. I have a couple of containers in my fridge that I don't think I will even open just be safer to pitch them in the garbage

The kitties helped me change all my linens this morning which was quite a chore with all 3 of them helping. I threatened to lock them all in the bathroom if they didn't behave so now they are ignoring me, at least until treat time.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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Hi All,
Today I will get some plants for the front yard and tthe landscapers will come later today.
I am getting a pomegranate and 8 Cactus.
The cactus will go in the planters.
I am not sure what to get for the 3rd planter though.
It is 55 right now and should hit 81 but we have rain coming soon.
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60's here today but I think tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler. Riley had a bit of a squinty eye this morning, with some goop in the corner so I really hope he isn't coming down with a cold.

Am trying out a new crockpot pork recipe today. I can't wait to get home and see how it turned out!
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