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What a book says about you

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Well this last week or so has been very tough on me. But, with some extra time on my hands I read quite a bit.

It got me thinking. If you read alot, look back at the last 5 or 6 books you chose to read. What does it say about your state of mind?

First I finished reading "Voodoo Dreams" for my book club. Not as dark as you would think. Then again, I do have a fondness for that stuff.

Next I tried to read "Wicked"...and couldnt get past page 3. It is just not a good thing to read when you are down

Which led me to "Such a pretty fat". I love this book and author Jen Lancaster. She is so honest and witty. Several times my SO gave me the crazy face because I was laughing to myself without realizing it

Next I tore through "The Persian Pickle Club". Its actually about a quilting group and their not so innocent times. Very good if you need to be distracted and warmed.

Today I finished yesterdays book "The Guernsey literary and potato peel society". Very impressed. The style of writting made me unsure of how enjoyable it could be to read. I could read many more of them.

My next book (now that I am happy again) is "The Time Travelers Wife". Its pretty thick, so that might take me a few days extra to read, but I hear so much good about it.
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I love to read, only if I am in reading mode. I will devour 3-4 in a row, then I might not pick one up for 6 months. I have gotten stuck on 2 books that dh gave me, and they both started out well, but then they got too long and I just could not read any more. I want to read Steven King's Dark Tower series, since it took him so many years to finally finish it, I read the first one, but it has been so long, I will have to read it again.
I really like a good mystery shoot-em-up, or detective book and the occasional trashy romance. If you like a good detective book, check out Andrew Vassch. His books have the same core of characters in different situations. I can read one in a day.
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That's exactly why I joined a book club. They also hold them at neighborhood bookstores.

Having to read at least one book per month really motivates me to read even more. And my vocabulary (not spelling) have really improved again. Not so much potty moth for me
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I dread to think what my reading says about me, it is normally horrors, crime thrillers, mystery or true life crime. Can't really go off the current books, as I am reading books that have been donated, so there are some that I wouldnt normally look at in the library.
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