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Izzy the hairless Bichon Frise!

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I got a bit clipper happy on Izzy's home haircut today.

I can't find a sane groomer around here (everyone just gives her a poodle cut! ). So I decided to give her a little clip today. Well, the little clip turned into a big clip. I didn't know what to do with her head, so I just left in. So, she's just gonna look ugly for about 4 weeks until I take her back to a real groomer, pending I can find one.
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Awwww she doesnt look bad, Nat, not at all. Actually you did good.
Remember the hair cut she got from that other groomer?
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Oh it's FAR better than the first haircut I gave her, too. It's fairly un-even, esp. on her tummy, but some of the spots are one she made that short by chewing.
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I think she looks good!
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What do you mean by 'poodle clip'? She has definitely NOT gotten a poodle cut at all by any of those groomers...otherwise you would have wound up with clean feet and face on her What you have been getting is most likely, what is commonly called, a "puppy cut", one length all over...with the bichon head, and tail left. If you want her left in a traditional Bichon trim, you need to specify...perhaps, tell them not to take any length off, yet, either. Or tell them to scissor her all over, NOT shave her. If they shudder when you ask them to scissor, take her away fast!!!

Remember what I told you about the texture of her coat, and getting it even? this can be difficult for the best groomer, so don't be too harsh... I thought the last time you had her done wasn't too bad, aside from her head wasn't all that 'finished' in appearance...but maybe your girl was squirmy that day...alot of factors go into a groom job, so really, you need to give a groomer atleast 2 chances unless they did something terrible, like injure it and not tell you, or do something totally opposite of what you said (like shave it's feet and face, when you told them to leave it).

Your groom job isn't all that bad though, either...although, all you did was a puppy cut too...Lol...looks like you just need to brush the coat up, reclip, and rebrush, and rescissor any missed areas, as well as tidy up the head. The head, well, there is no way to really 'perfect' that, except to practice, practice, want a nice rounded appearance overall, with the appearance of her peering out through a 'mask'...meaning you don't want to clear too much hair away from her eye area. Clean her ears out good, and pluck any ear hair out of the ear canal using an ear powder; I finish off with ear plucking, because then I am sending the dog home with nice dry ears.
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Nah the one groomer gives every dog she grooms the exact same cut - no matter what you specify. I went in asking for a traditional bichon "pet" cut & got something funny looking.
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I think alot of groomers will do a bichon in a modified puppy cut now a days, mainly because owners don't take care of their bichon's coats...I do very few bichons who actually get actual bichon cuts...which are very similar to puppy cuts, aside from more scissoring, especially on the legs, and head, and back into the neck.
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she/he looks good! I love bichon's their sooo cute my bf's parents have a bichon/shitzu and I love her to bits
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