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Running on fumes.

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So I'm overworked... I work something like 14 hours a day, come home run around like mad to work on the new house and crash for some 4-5 hours before doing it again. Weekends I mentor some high school kids and work on cars. There's also an evening partying once in a while, people having kids, people going away, getting married, etc. And I'll go back into work early on Monday sore and broken.

But it's times like this I truly feel alive and when the insanity stops and I have a day to myself I feel like the world has just stopped. The sheer volume of silence, white silence. Eternity... until a cat comes by and whispers a beg for food.
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I am running on empty too; I had a long workweek, and had an exciting weekend with my senior high youth group. I can't wait till my next day off! although, the retreat this weekend (although it was tiring!) HAS revitalized me, and I am actually looking foward to work tomorrow; Amazing what a weekend hanging out with awesome kids, leaders, and worship band will do to refresh the mind and spirit! Now...I'm off to bed!!!
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Hopefully you get some down times during the holidays Get some rest. Don't run yourself too much, you might get sick or experience burn out.
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All I can say is don't go to work for yourself.....it only gets worse, lol! From the way our calander is looking at the moment, my husband and I will probably be working a lot of 18 hour split shifts so that someone is here cooking and getting things ready 24/7........matter of fact, he started work at midnight Friday night and I came on at 6this morning, he left at nine pm, and I'm still here, will be until he rests some and comest back to finish up and deliver while I go home and rest a bit.......six weeks....six loooooong weeks, lol!
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