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New Girl what is she?

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We just got a new little girl today. She is super sweet and loves to be around anyone. I know she is a mix but anyone figure out what kind. She is super fluffy, and light light tan with white belly, legs and about an inch at the end of her tail which is darker like her ears. Her eyes are a bright blue. We haven't figured out a name yet so any help would be great. Thanks
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She kinda looks like part Snowshoe or maybe Ragdoll.
I have a few ideas for names.
Maui,Meeko,Kona or something exotic.
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She has the markings of a Ragdoll or Snowshoe.

Of course, without papers, all she is is a Domestic Shorthair with pointed coloring. And, of course, your beloved furbaby.
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Oh shes gorgeous, I love her beauty mark
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She is beautiful, that is what she is!!!!
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I agree - Raggie mix - with a snowshoe-like pattern. But I think Raggies can have that kind of mask..... not sure. Either way, she is just precious!!

Since it's a little female - with a beauty mark - you could name her after a beautiful woman with a beauty mark.... like Cindy Crawford, Janet Jackson or model Niki Taylor. Mariah Carey, Marilyn Monroe...

I actually found a list online of actors/actresses with "beauty marks" on their faces! LOL!!!

The other name that popped into my head when I saw her b/c she is sooo stunning... is Ava .. as in old time movie actress Ava Gardner.

EDIT: and she looks like she's going to be a long-haired cat... look at the ear fluff!!!
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What a cutie. Gotta love her beauty mark, lol.
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She's so pretty. You could call her Marilyn (as in Monroe). I think she had a beauty mark kind of like that.
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Looks like a Ragdoll mix - she's really cute

Sasha came to my mind for a name
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She's a cutie, that's what she is!!
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Doesn't Madonna have a beauty mark like that, too? Good name for a female kitten.
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I agree with those who said ragdoll mix... seal point bicolor if I'm not mistaken (judging by the ears?) ... she'll be a looker when those points darken up.
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