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Natural Life canned cat food?

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I've been feeding Nutro MAX cat wet to the boys as well as dry. And I'm waiting for the wet to go on sale again at Petsmart--I really can't afford it otherwise--I know now how much to buy when its on sale so I don't run out...

Anyway I bought a few cans of Friskies--which I hate because of the by products in them, I saw the Natural Life brand at Walmart, from what I read it seems a step above Friskies.

What is the general consensus so to speak, on it? I really hope November is my lucky month for a sale. I feel like I've set a bar/standard and I hate to go under that. I know Nutro isn't the best but its the best on our budget. I also really want to add more wet to their diet.

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IMHO way better than friskies ... vet said okay food she was not impressed by the amount of veggies
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I don't consider it a "step above" Friskies, it's far better. There are no byproducts and meat is the first ingredient.

A 6oz can of Natural Life is $1.17 at my Wal-Mart but they have had the oceanfish flavor on sale for at least a month for $0.50 a can. I stocked up because you can't find anything that cheap with those ingredients. I cleaned them out, lol.

Do you live by anywhere that sells Chicken Soup? The 5.5oz cans are $0.79 here at one of the independent pet stores. That's about the same price as Nutro here and I like the ingredients more.

Also, Petsmart makes a brand called Authority with wet food that is very similar to Nutro Natural but is less expensive.

I sometimes buy the Meow Mix pouches at Wal-Mart. They are usually in a box of 12 for $4.50(ish), making the pouches about $0.38 each. Meow Mix pouches have no byproducts.

Nutro Max hasn't been on sale at our Petsmart since last summer I bought a bunch when it was though.

Good for you for feeding wet food on a tight budget!
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The boys really aren't even fond of the Friskies! I promised them they only have to eat the remaining 3 cans and then no more of it!

Authority is probably my next best option cost wise. Nutro max 5.5 cans are .82 and Authoritys 6 oz cans are .62 so until Nutro is on sale again--I think the sale was June, which my gut tells me it won't be on sale again til December (which would be 6 months) we'll probably add in authority--they like that is has a beef flavor.

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