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Pants & Carl Get Cozy

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Carl likes to snuggle up under the covers...

But sometimes I think he gets too comfortable

And I can't resist the close-up of his cute little face!

Sometimes, I catch them spooning

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Awwwwwwwwww!! Carl and Pants are 2 totally handsome fellas
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So nice to see they have come great buds in a short period of time!!
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Great pictures. They have such shiny coats!
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Awwwww those pics are precious Carls close ups are just kissable
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aww they are so cute How do you resist jumping into the cuddle pile?
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Look at those darling boys. They are so cute snuggling!
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you have 2 really gorgeous boys there! and it is lovely to see that they get on so well too.
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Awwww, they are so sweet!
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What a cozy pair the two handsome boys make!
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They are soooo cute, I wish mine would sleep under the covers with little head on the pillow, and you have two doing it!!!!! They are lovely little boys, so sweet
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Wow!! Such good brothers in such a short time. You are very lucky. Oh my gosh is Carl ever cute with his little white heart on his lips and little white toes! Adorable!
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Aww the spooning pics are great! They are so cute.
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