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does it look to bad?

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I needed a new look,is it bad?
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Sherral, It's hard for me to tell the color of your hair. It kinda looks red, but it also might be from the color of the background.
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yep its red!
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BTW, the cut looks great. I would probably curl it more with a curling iron..JMO!

And Sherral...Why aren't you smiling? Aren't you happy with the results?
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here is a better one
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Sherral - I LOVE red hair!

It looks great! Is it permanent or wash out?
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I don´t know how the "old" look was, but I like this one!
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Sherral! I love it! It must have been the background of the first picture. Against that green door, you have some great coloring!
BTW, I noticed that "smirky smile"!
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Thank you! Ted said what are you doing/Being sexy? YA right! at my age,Pollyanna it was gray! Kiwideus it is permanert!
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Ohh, Im sure Ted likes it!

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He does,he was just being a smart a$$!There are too many young ones here to say what he said about..... a red head!!
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LOL What a lovely husband
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Does anyone want to mearge this on the picture thread?
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Sam I'm shocked!!
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I don't know if you can merge them, but I can just post it on there for you. It won't let you put it on there since you've already got it on here.
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That's Me..LOL Well actually my reply came later and I wasn't supposeted to reply to that one,,mwhahhaha , It will do
LMVFAO ....OMG that's funny cheeeeeeeeeeseeeee

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Sherral...I posted your picture for you!
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Thank you!
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Thanks Shell for doing that, that was so nice of you!! look gorgeous!!!!!! I LOVE the red hair!!!!!
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I am only a red head in the summer IF I get out in the sun enough! My hubby though...he is a redhead all year round! Mmmmmm I just can't resist a red head!
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I love it!
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It looks good!
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Love the red....and anything beats gray, sister! I did red for a really long time, but it fades out quickly. I have now settled for brown, with some blond highlights.
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I like it. It looks real nice. I plan on never getting grey!
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A gal after my own heart. I will DIE a blonde or redhead.
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I think it looks nice, have been trying to get the courage to go red myself. I just switched from very short to shoulder length and am almost at one length. Maybe I'll get a reddish brown on my next trip to the salon!
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Redheads Rule!!!!!!!!

And I'm sure your hubby was absolutly telling the truth about us!!!
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