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as the kittens grow

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My sleep is shrinking. Since they're in my bedroom when they get rowdy I get to hear every last second of it! It's not as fun as it sounds, believe me!

Here are a few random pictures from last night:

Johnny being cute. he loves to flop on his back and play with my hands. he doesn't bite them, he gently brushes them with his front paws

Trying to play but getting too tired. he was doubled up here biting his own feet

Peace is a good thing

And finally. I have to fold my comforter over so the cats don't destroy it. I have a new blanket that you can see on my legs. You can also see all the millions of snags in it now. It was perfect when the kittens were born. They've destroyed it, and I've given up trying to protect it

Anyway, this is what I try to go to sleep with usually. The black fuzzy thing in the foreground is Jackie who's laying in my arms

P.S. it looks like 8 kittens because the one on the far left is mom.
post #2 of 18 time put a NSFW tag on the title....I kid, I kid.

The little guy is adorable. I gotta say, the blue eyed cats really stand out.
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I remember that ALL too well! I had Eden & babies in my bedroom until they were full litter trained....oh sleepless nights, something I do not miss!
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They are wonderful and beautiful. I know what you mean about it sounding more fun than it is. My oldest (14 now), Chandler Ray, was a resue at 3 weeks. Everyone thought bottle feeding a kitten was so wonderful, but they weren't the ones getting up in the middle of the night! He is the most lovable cat in the whole wide world now, so it was worth it.
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Oh my gosh...
it's the kitten crazies.
You have an adorable bunch of kittens on your bed.
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IT's funny though, Sometimes I lay on my side in bed. There are two of the kittens that climb up on my side and sleep on top of me, then I'll be laying on my side, propping my head up a little with my bent arm. Aby will come up while I'm sleep and climb into the crook of my arm to sleep.

They're so sweet. It's just terrible when they start hopping around make TONS of noise. And of course at least one of them, in passing, has to jump onto, then off of, my face
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I keep counting and counting again. I only see seven which goes to prove that I need to update the prescription on my glasses. But I can tell you I can see enough to know you have taken some very beautiful pictures of some very beautiful kitties!
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Why thank you!

The 8th one isn't in view. See the black fuzzy obstruction? it's the ear of the cat that's sleeping in my arms. So count that one and you get 8 which is all seven kittens and one mom
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i love their little pink paw pads!!! and I just wanna give a raspberry to Johnny's little tummy
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Johnny sounds like a sweet gentle soul! And he is cute as pie!!

And that pic of the two pointed kittens sleeping should be in a calendar or something... it is just, well.... AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
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That blanket with the pulls cracked me up. I had just bought a new comforter not having any idea at all what kittens could do to one and by the time mine used it to "climb the bed" and then wreslte all over the bed, it was destroyed

They are all just as precious as they can be. I see little Johnny is wrapping you around his sweet little paw The pic of all of them in the bed is sweet sweet sweet I love the little pink paw pads, too
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they are just so cute. I am so glad I'm not closer to you, I dont know how I would resist adopting Johnny (assuming you were even willing to give him up :p)
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He's definitely great. So is Aby. Those two, the two tabbys have become my favorite.

I won't have a problem letting them go though. Thought I would at first, but I find myself excited for them that they're finding homes. So i'm anxious for them to go get settled in and not be penned up in my bedroom where they can't run around.
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
It's just terrible when they start hopping around make TONS of noise. And of course at least one of them, in passing, has to jump onto, then off of, my face
Oh yes, i remember all that at 4.a.m every morning for the first few month's, and that was just Jack!!

I could easily take little Jackie and do it all again though
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Jackie is so great. I love playin with him. Sometimes he'll climb up on my shoulder and stare at me. Then he licks my ear for a bit and goes off to play.

Right after his eyes opened
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They are growing up so fast! They are so cute! Thanks for all the pictures. I love them so much. I giggle every time I see new pictures of your kittens.
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Aww I love seeing pictures of your kittens... They're really growing up way too fast Johnny is really really sweet!

I only have one foster kitten - Ariel. She's trouble on the double when she's wide-awake, and super sweet when sleepy. I feel sad whenever I think of her going to a new home, I can't imagine how quiet your place will be when all 8 of them get adopted out (I'm assuming momma cat will be adopted out too).
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How fun!! They are all SOOO beautiful!

We moved our 7 kitten litter to the kitchen, and blocked it off to the rest of the house. Was that smart? Or should I have moved them to the bedroom? They love it in the kitchen, and we let them out for short bursts into the rest of the house when we are here.

We wanted to put them into the kitchen for "cleanability" issues. LOL

Mia's litter is 6 weeks old and EVERYWHERE! They are finding toys I haven't seen in a year since we moved in! I hope the kitchen is a safe place! We just had to put up a taller barrier last night. I came home from work, Polly and Little Boy were looking very perplexed perched high up on the guest bed, then I heard the THUNDERING of little kittens stampeding around the corner and down the hall at me. I about died laughing. There is nothing like a heard of 7 6 week old kittens running full speed at you! What a welcome!

Neverthless, we had to containe them better, I don't want them out while we are not here. But I hope the kitchen is a good place now!
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