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Sunday!! What's On your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Still raining here this morning, starting to think about building a ark.

Nothing special planned for the day, the bathroom could use a good cleaning so that sounds like an idea. Also owe my sister from B.C. an email as well,

Making roast pork for dinner so will put that in about 3. I am broiling it then adding a passion-fruit glaze which is really nice. I am going to have asparagus and seasoned potatoes with it.

The kitties are good this morning. They found a feather to play with and all three of them are chasing it around the house right now.

Everyone have a great day
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I'm hitting the fabric stores for a project for a fellow TCS member (not SS, not doing it this year)... then going downtown for a couple hours for the NaNoWriMo kick-off party at the library! Then I get to come home and sew...

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It's pouring rain, windy as can be, and 60 degrees here (!? weird!) so Im sort of doing..nothing I do need to get some more cleaning done, maybe clean out the litter boxes. Thinking about buying some new windshield wipers for my car and maybe doing a little shopping if I decide to brave the weather.
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Well, it is only going to be around 80 here today which is a lot better than the high 80's like it has been.

I am going to salsa class and then probably to ladies day at the wine store where you can sample wines and buy girl stuff.

Tonight is steak night and I am going to make a blood orange and onion salad to go with it and a nice baked potato.

Other than that it is a football kind of day.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post

Still raining here this morning, starting to think about building a ark.

Send some of the rain down here to us desert dwellers. It's going to be in the low 90's here once again.

Got a few more loads of laundry to do then it's off to my moms so I can give the dog a much needed bath.
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We went and got a dwarf pomegranate tree today.
The land scapers are here digging up the front yard but they can not do the sod today because it was sold out.
We are watching football.
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We were going to go to Church today, but my sister has one of those alarm clocks that automatically Falls back on the last day of October, so she didn't get up in time. We did go out for a delicious Brunch and took a drive around a local Park. Nice day here, not too hot, not too cool.
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We are going to the laundromat. Since I have been sick, I have let the laundry go. But now I don't have any clean clothes for work, so it needs to be done!
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Our plans for today? Nothing as per the norm. I've decided that each Sunday I have off I refuse to do any housework, or cleaning unless someone's coming over that I need to clean for. Otherwise that's my day off and I just want to spend it either bumming around the house, or going somewhere with hubby.
I love Sundays!!!!!
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Well being the weather follower as I am we are in a wind and hazardous weather advisory.
Wind speed increasing to sustained 26-29 mph and gusts up to 43mph!! Hold on to your hats folks!

Plus 50% chance of snow but with all the wind little chance of any accumulation.
Light rain now too so little chance of doing outdoor stuff.

So we hung two more grids of crown molding. We have the two more tricky ones left that we can finish this week until we pick up the rest of our beadboard. But its beginning to take shape with final sanding of spackled areas to start this week too!!
I figure on starting to final paint in about 10 days!! Then we also can start looking at new carpeting and a new sofa.

Other than that nothing else happening. We watched the movie called "The Visitor" a pretty good (but slow) movie.

Baking some chicken and veg for dinner with a new corn recipe too.
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Haven't done too much today. I went to the 8:30am church service this morning, then when I got back I vacuumed and mopped the floors, wiped down the kitchen cabinets, and dusted the blinds in the living room/kitchen area. By the time that was done the boyfriend was back from his flag football game so we went and ate some lunch at a chinese restaurant, and I have yummy leftovers for tomorrow. Tonight I will be making some spaghetti and meatballs, and right now the boyfriend is watching The Saints game on tv. Nothing really too eventful for the day.
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Slept in. Worked for a couple of hours, laundry, fixed meals, cleaned, other plans include taking a walk.
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- an hour or so of house cleaning
- having my SO change the oil my car
- fill out my absentee ballot
- walk the dog
- play with the kitties in an attempt to get them some exercise (both need to lose weight)
- fill out some paperwork
- figure out what I'm wearing tomorrow

I'm not feeling very well so I would be surprised if I got everything done on that list. I think I have the flu.
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Yesterday I spent just about the entire day painting my master bathroom. I still have a good bit left to do though before it'll be finished.

I also cleaned the house up a bit and did a huge water change and gravel cleaning on my fish tank. One of my little fish died yesterday, so I ran a lot of tests to check the water levels and did a thorough cleaning and treated the water to try and save the other ones.
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