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internet exposure to bad things

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I am a professional body piercer, and the resident pro/moderator on a piercing forum. Most of our posters are teens seeking advice on problem piercings or reseaching getting something pierced. I have tried to keep it no nonsense, and offer common sense advice with the help of several other mods. This person has joined recently, and says she is a minister in "The Church of Body Modification" (ridiculous) and master piercer, blah, blah, blah. She was made a mod after 7 posts. I looked at her website, and this "church" she mentioned uses the satanic bible as their text. It seems to me to be a thinly veiled recruiting method of teens to her beliefs. She also gives directions on doing very dangerous things like suspension. For those of you not familiar, that is putting large hooks through body parts, and hanging from them. I am very against exposing our members to this sort of thing at their impressionable age. I know they have the right to their own beliefs, but I do not want to be party to it. I e-mailed the administrator and told him I was no longer sure I wanted to be associated with his forums. Did I do the right thing? Or am I trying to impose my beliefs on others?
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I think you did exactly the right thing. As you described the site, ti sounded a lot like TCS to me: a place to promote the safe methods of various body piercing. Although the way TCS is run may not be everybody's cup of tea, we remain true to our mission. Sounds to me like you are standing up for what you believe in. Kudos.
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Kudos to you!
I personally wouldn't want my son or daughter being influenced by someone like her. I don't know diddly about that subject, but it just doesn't seem normal by any means. I think you did the best thing...you did what you felt was right! Hopefully the administrator will do what is best for the site and everyone involved.
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I don't think you are imposing your beliefs on others. There is a great big difference between imposing beliefs and educating people. If you think that something is not acceptable, you have every right to say you find it unacceptable and WHY you think it is unacceptable. I also think (and know from experience, once being a teenager myself ) that teens can be very impressionable.

Hopefully, the administrator will take your concerns seriously. But, I have one question: Although I have no mod experience myself, it seems strange to me that someone would be made a mod of a board after only participating a short while (7 posts? That seems like a short while). That would raise a question in my mind about the board.
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I think personally, I would have stuck around, to try and guide the kids back to the right place, AWAY from this crazy lady.

I don't know if I have ever gone to your forum, but I pop into bmezine once in a great while, there is some crazy stuff on there, a lot of stuff I would never do, but I love tatts and peircings.

Does this "master peircer" have any certifications?
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According to her she does. I got a response from the owner of the site sying that he had reviewed her site, something called hateflesh.com, (charming, huh) and he did not feel that it could be harmful to our posters. Her level of professionalism was so that he felt the good would outweigh the bad, and would I please review her site again. Not freakin' likely! We have spent months keeping hack piercers out of there, and convincing these kids that there is a right and wrong way to do things. Now here she comes telling them they can do it their way. Just over some decent looking pics on a website! No way are these kids going to listen to us any more when a "pro" with a creepy website says they do not have to. She apparently caterwauls in some band at night, too. If I really thought it would do any good, I would stay and try to steer these kids away from that trashy freak, but the damage is done. The site is Crazy Chamemleon.com. I have checked out bmezine, it is a completely different kind of thing. The CC site is not so extreme, definitely PG, or it was until yesterday.
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This doesn't sound like anything that I'd want MY kids around! I didn't even let them get their ears pierced, until they were in their teens. My concern was little boys roughhousing and getting their ears ripped.

Where are these kids' parents? In AZ, a kid under 18 can't get pierced or tattooed, without parental permission.
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I have been amazed at the lack of parental control on this site. We got 9 and 10 year olds asking how to get piercings without parental permision, or asking how to do it themselves. They always got a stern lecture from all the mods. We were even at some point mean to them if that was what it took to stop them from doing something wrong or stupid. It even worked sometimes. I am just sick at what I have been seeing there just in the past few days. I have put hours upon hours in to researching questions, polling other piercers, and answering the same questions over and over. I guess you have to be creepy and sick to get attention there any more.
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I think that you definately did the right thing, as you have to be true to yourself!
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The kids parents probably don't play a very active roll and that's unfortunat, but I must say, growing up, MOST of my friends had "parents" like that.

It's very easy to get a peircing or a tatt if you really wanted it. I could have at least 5 tattoo's right now, all while I was underage, and with out perantal permission, had I wanted them, or had the money to pay for them. Same with pericings.

My mom took m eto get my ears peirced when I was 8, no big deal they were just these little silver stubs, and I got another set when I was 10 or 13 or something in my ears. I got my eyebrow done when I was 17, but my mom came with me for that. Any other mods or peircings I have got were either by my own hands as a teen, or professional done as an adult.

It is scary... sometimes, I'd rather bring my child to get something peirced or a tatt if they are under 18, at a nice CLEAN certifed tattoo artist, instead of at some party at 1am with some drunk 15 year old behind the needle swearing he's done this "10 times already, and you'll be fine."
Not saying I would do this.
It would depend on the child, how repsonble they are, what they are getting and where they are getting it.
I'm not going to let my 13 year old child get a tatt of 2 guns, or weed on her left arm, no way!
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