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Poor Jacks rude awakening!!

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On top of my cats I also have rabbits, well up until last week, one rabbit in the house. I have always had rabbits, so every cat that has come into my home has come in with a rabbit already established. Basically the rabbits have always ruled the house. My 3yr old rabbit Sprocket has been the only rabbit inside the house for the last three years and has zero fear of the cats. They all play this weird little game where Sprock sits there and pretends she can`t hear one of the cats sneaking up on her, and then when they get about a foot away, she spins around and they go bounding off across the house. It is always Sprock chasing the cats, who do crazy kitty ninja leaps all over while the rabbit does crazy bunny kicks and twitches, hot on their heels. After the chase Sprock and which ever cat was playing with her lay down, stretched out across the cold floor cooling their tummies.

Anyway, last week I took in two new rabbits from a family who`s kids were no longer caring for them properly. So now I have 2 spayed females and a neutered male frolicking amongst my 6 cats and my moms 1 kitty. These two rabbits aren`t afraid of cats either but also don`t know the game Sprock plays with them. The male rabbit Boober was stretched out across the livingroom floor when Jack decided to start the sneaking part of the game. As Jack got closer, Mokey the female noticed that she was sneaking up on her boy. Jack got about 2feet away when Mokey came flying across the room and gave Jack a rabbit kung fu kick in the side. Boober turned around and saw Mokey kicking Jack and decided to join in. I darted off the couch to grab somebody, which probably wasn`t the best idea, cause that started the stampede.

Somehow in the end Sprocket and 2 other cats Weeble and Mardy got caught up in the chase. Again rabbits chasing cats not cats chasing rabbits. It went on for several minutes across two floors of the house. Finally the cats figured out that getting up on a counter or table loses the rabbits. I went and gathered rabbits and locked them in their room thinking `oh no now I have to keep the rabbits and cats seperate`.

I am happy though that after I apprehensively let the rabbits out again later now the cats just avoid the two new bunnies like the plague!! Poor Jack though runs anytime a rabbit even enters the room and hides up high where they can`t get her. I am so glad no one got hurt!!
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That's quite an entertaining story! At least you don't have to worry about the rabbits getting hurt by the cats. And the cats can always jump up high to escape.
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Aww, poor Jack!!
There was a wild rabbit that used to hang around my house a year or two ago. It became infatuated with Kinky and tried to take things to the er..next level.

Hopefully Jack will decide Sprock is his friend again so they can play together, it sounds so cute!
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haha, great story
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