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Well, today was the day for Willie to start getting some new food mixed in with his Science Diet (from the shelter). He's not been eating the SD dry that well. I've tried him on some Meow Mix Market Selects and he doesn't like the big chunky stuff. He licks up the gravy and leaves the big chunks.

I went to Petco and decided on trying out a few flavors of Natural Balance cans and some Wellness cans to see which Mr. Picky likes the best! I had decided I was going to try Wellness dry but they were out of the small bag and I hated to spend 20 bucks if he didn't like it. After I left, I remembered a new pet store had opened that someone had randomly mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I went over and found a GREAT mom-n-pop store that had cat food by Fromm and Organics By Nature (and regular By Nature). The owner talked to me a bit about both brands and was happy to know that I had done research and knew about high quality cat food ingredients.

In the end, I decided on Fromm Chicken a la Veg dry food. It has a money-back guarantee so I figured I'd be safe with it. I also decided to try out a can of Fromm and a can of Organics by Nature. When I came home, I opened the bag of Fromm and put a few kibbles out on the floor to see what Willie would do. At first, he just looked at it and kept walking. Then, he went back and ate it all! He was out of SD in his bowl so I mixed in some SD and the Fromm and he started eating some more of the Fromm! Hopefully, this is a good sign!

Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for the tips and I'll be sure to let you guys know how Willie does on the new food.