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Kittens with fleas?

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Felicia's kittens are a week and a half old now. I'm 95% sure I saw a flea on the black and white kitten tonight, but it moved into the black fur too fast for me to be absolutely sure. We did give Felicia a flea bath when we first brought her in, but when we found out she was pregnant, we were afraid to treat her further for fleas without knowing for sure if she had any, and since she is all black herself, we didn't see any.

I just did a little research and found out I can use Revolution on Felicia, but what can I do for the kittens to get rid of the fleas? I read that they can get anemia if I wait until they're old enough for traditional treatments.

Any ideas please?
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I know a way to rid fleas off an animal is to give them a bath with distilled vinigar they smell nasty after but it kills fleas. My pregnant cat is infested with fleas and I don't want to use any chemicals on her because it might affect the kittens (even tho the vet said it would be fine.. humh...) so im going to give her a bath with the distilled vinigar since it couldn't hurt her because its all natural. so I would suggest that.
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I would take them to a vet. If you let the fleas stay on the kittens it can cause alot of problems including a certain type of worm as well as many other things. I don't know if bathing them does just the trick, you might need something more then that to help you. Good luck with it!
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I would say Dawn Dish soap (unsented). This was recommended to me by people on here when i had a flea problem with my new kitten. After all the stuff i tried this worked the best. Also make sure you vaccum ALOT! there is this stuff in the laundry section at the store called BORAX and it is a powder. Sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it over night then vaccum in the morning it make the fleas come to the surface of the carpet. I have to say from my experiance fleas are really an uphill battle but once you get to the top you will always use flea treatment for fear of going though this again. GOOD LUCK, feel free to send me a pm if you have any more questions. I am not an expert but i will do what i can.
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We had a major problem with fleas last year when I got my cat, Baby she was 6 weeks old and I didn't know she had fleas when I got her. We tried the flea baths(which didn't hurt harm her, I just left the shampoo on her for a much shorter than recomended time) and powders, but the thing that really worked well for us was a powder I got to put on the carpet.I got it at Walmart and can't remember the name of it, but It killed the fleas and we haven't had a problem since.
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I would NOT suggest using any chemical prodcut on them at ANY time but if i were to say you could i would wait til atleast 12-15 weeks old before doing that. Some people swear by it and some people swear at it.
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Please consult a vet prior to attempting any thing
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Please consult a vet prior to attempting any thing
Yes, please do check with your Vet
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The best way to remove fleas from very young kittens:

A very fine-toothed comb will be needed. Do not use one of the metal pet combs, a plastic one with rounded edges on the teeth is preferred. You will also need a bowl of hot water to which you will add just a small drop of dishwashing liquid (many people suggest using Dawn, but I have found that anything that makes suds will work) - you don't need much, just enough to make the water a little sudsy. Also get a bunch of dry paper towels, believe me, you will need them. Don't just take the whole roll, tear a bunch off so they are at the ready. Gently pick up a baby and comb gently in the direction of fur growth to capture the fleas on the teeth of the comb. Quickly dip the comb completely into the water. Totally submerse it to dislodge the fleas. They will float to the top and try to jump off the surface of the water, but the suds should prevent this. You should cover the bowl when you are combing to prevent losing any of them just in case. Dry the comb thoroughly with a clean paper towel so as not to get baby wet at all and repeat this until you have removed the fleas. Work as quickly as you can so as not to upset Momma and do not put the baby you have just finished back into the nest with the other kittens until ALL of the kittens are combed.

Once all the kittens have been combed, take out the old bedding and wash it thoroughly in hot water and bleach or discard it wrapped up in a sealed plastic trash bag. Replace the bedding with clean and then put the kittens back in the nest. You will need to replace the bedding each and every time you comb the kittens until all the fleas are gone.
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