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some old stray, homeboy tom cat, done sliped up in here
and left my sweet little girl with a case of the fleas!!
we had her fixed, so we won't have that problem, i talked to her about those ,trash can casanovas but he must be a smooth talker, so now,
we have fleas, i would like to use the frontline spray, because of the cost
but, my better half, is squalking about the effects of the spray on lil bit
she will be licking her self, and be licking the chemical. i told my better half that i am sure the scientists have taking that into account when they made the stuff. she is holding fast to her opinion. [i love her for that] so cat forum
peoples, what say you? are there any vets in the house? is the front line spray safe for lil bit to lick?
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I wouldnt spray any of my animals with any kind of flea killer. Read what the ingredients are.

With fleas, come tape worms ........ with Diatomaceous Earth, you can treat both fleas and worms and its actually a mineral thats good for the cat, too, without causing any harm.


Google it and read up on it and if you decide to use it, make sure you purchase the food grade. There are several people on here, including me, that swear by this.
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