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instant messangers?

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anyone here have yahoo, msn, or aol messanger? I would love to chat with some of you sometime.. if you want mine, pm me
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I can reached on quite a few
MSN- nortiebutnice@hotmail.com, ( That's my sophies show name )
YAHOO- wellingtoncats@yahoo.com OR
AOL Puss668
I'm never really on so best to chat here , but please add me just in case

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I have a couple you can reach me on, and I have cable so I'm almost always online, but that doesn't mean I'm at my desk every moment!

Anyone can feel free to add me to their list, I don't bite.

AIM: AsukaKattzu
MSN: u_mosh@hotmail.com
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Hi, I sent you a PM!

I have AOL IM if anyone is interest. You can PM me as well!

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AIM: Mmyste
Yahoo!: listra
ICQ 6526253

I use a messenger program called Trillian that does all three, plus MSN messenger which I haven't signed up for yet.
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Okay, Kathy, you're on my buddy list!...

My AOL SN is:

I am usually not online around the colck, because my hours are very different... But when I log on - the first thing I do is open my AIM
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Have you got many responding to this?
Those who want can also PM me, I only have msn though.
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yahoo: retrowfmk
AOL: carriemich28

I am not on these a lot, though! I get tired of nasty-ass horny men hounding me!!! LOL!
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AIM: Chamsma
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anyone else for chatting online?...
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Sure! Here's my screen name for AIM: AuroraViva
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AIM: Niina76
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