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Concerning cats and stairs

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I used to get on here and rant and rave about how my cats would behave as a result of moving from a flat to a three story townhome. I was very worried about them using the stairs for some reason. But I was told I had nothing to worry about, in fact I had better be careful using the stairs because there just might be some cats on the stairs. I thought this was ridiculous.

Not any more...
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Looks like a typical house that has cats in it. Try having brown carpet (which will be replaced eventually) and a chocolate cat sitting on the steps!
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stairs also make a good race track
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Laser toy up and down the stairs!
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Originally Posted by hwc View Post
Laser toy up and down the stairs!
What a brilliant idea! From the third floor there is an opening all the way down to the bottom floor that I can see the stairs coming all the way up. I can shine the laser down and they wo'nt even see me doing it and I can give them an amazing amount of exercise racing up and down the stairs.

You know, some things are just so simple you are embarrassed that you never thought of them!
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My kitty sits at the top of the stairs in the morning and waits for me, when I am about to go down he 'pats' me on the back of the legs before he then goes hell for leather down them in some kind of 'race' and then back up and down again! Its hilarious! He also likes to stretch out and dangle his legs over the edge of the step and snooze!
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When I lived in a 2-story house, my cat's favorite activity involved the stairs. She loved those small furry "mice," and I would throw one up the stairs; she'd race up and then tap it down the stairs one at a time until she got to the bottom. Then she would wait for me to throw it again--and again, and again. We played that every morning before I went to work, and it was great exercise for an indoor cat.

I now live in a one-story house and haven't found an equivalent game for my current boy.
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Lol, when we moved into a new place with stairs, Friday, who was about a year at the time, thought they were the greatest thing in the world. He'd play on them like a young child might! Thankfully, we're stair-free now. With four it would surely be a matter of time before I tripped and killed myself.
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