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FIV and FeLV

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What do guys do when one of your ferals test positive for FIV or FeLV?
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I've never had that problem, but I'll PM someone who probably has. We've been blessed with a healthy colony and community of ferals...

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I'm so scared of that! I don't know what I would do. Snowwhite is getting tested in a few weeks.
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In all the years I have been rescuing, I have run across this disease one time. A big old black tomcat showed up at midnight only. He looked very sick, but it was quite awhile before I could successfully trap Captain Midnight. When I did, I rushed him to the vet, had him tested and he was very ill with the disease. I opted to put him down because he was so ill, he was old, and he was feral. I came home and bleached everything he touched and waited anxiously to see if any of my other cats would get sick, (none did)

Cats can carry this disease, and not be sick, but be a carrier that will get others sick. They can live with this disease, and they are living longer these days thanks to new food products on the market and better health awareness. You would have to make this decision of what to do based on what your vet tells you, and about the cat itself. There is a website where you can put these cats up for adoption, but you would have to socialize the cat first.
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Believe it or not, only one of mine has tested positive....and he was the first one we cared for. After working with him a LONG time to get him socialized, he was able to move in with a loving family who knew about his status. Despite testing positive, he was a huge and very healthy boy.

None of the ferals I have worked with since then has tested positive. Though they all have had bouts with worms! ick!
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