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uh yeah..and I didn't even have cat carriers at the time. But come mid'night when my three story buildings fire alarm went off.

Out I went with me, and one cat under each arm. It was all I took.

I may not be able to replace pictures, but pictures are memories and I wouldn't want my cat in a stupid move to become just a memory.

I can't replace a living loving being that is alive right there and now.

I would never abandon my pets. EVER.
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I have minor panic attacks about this all the time because Luxor HATES the carrier and he will hide if we have it out or look upset.
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If the situation ever arose, I would absolutely try to evacuate all of my animals to safety.

I try to plan ahead by leaving out the cat carriers in different spots so that they are used to them and not afraid to go in them. If cats learn that these are safe hiding spots- there's a chance they will go into them on their own during an emergency, or even at least let you handle them better so it will make evacutation easier. I also have copies of all their important doctumets (As well as ours) and meds in waterproof bags ready to go at a moments notice if need be.

I've also got our tornado drill down to an art since we have tornados so often around here. I can have the entire house secure and all the animals in the guest bath in under 2 minutes if need be.
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Yes! Anything living comes first! I can REPLACE everything else!

Puppy and kitty are BOTH leash/harness trained. They both have carriers as well, but one carrier is used for the rats! Every time we had possible tornadoes this summer kitty got put in his carrier and rats in theirs and the dog was leashed. When the sirens blew, off we went! (We had to share a basement with our downstairs neighbors.)

I like the leash for the cat, just in case something happens in the middle of the night... he's much easier to leash rather than fight him about a carrier.
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A few months ago there was a few tornadoes that touched down near the side of town we were living on (if you can call it "side of town" it was more outside of town). Anyways, we had been moving a lot of stuff and had put the carriers in the storage building a couple days prior, with the intention of bringing them back in... everyone sees where this is going.

They didn't know how close the tornadoes were or how many due to rain, so we didn't have time to go out and get the carriers. So what did we do? We put on jackets and zipped the cats up inside. It worked.
The carriers stay in the house now, but I'm facing the same problem that a few others have. Where do I keep them? They're apart and sitting inside of each other right now, I had considered sliding that under the bed but in an emergency that would still require putting them together. The good thing is that the cats are very good about going into their carriers, I only have to point and tell them "in" - though they yowl about it later.

The tornadoes just touched down in some pastures and fields so no one was hurt.

For those needing carriers, check farm and live stock supply stores. I've found decent ones there on sale for $20, and that's the second to smallest size? or maybe third (big enough to fit Sho with plenty of room, he's not a small cat).
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The building fire alarm goes off here about once a year and thank God always a false alarm. I have always taken my girls with me. I have to tell you though the last time the alarm went off earlier this year Jazz was sleeping in the carrier in the living room and Maggs was with me in bed. I heard the alarm and immediately put my hand on Maggs and told her "wait for me" I got out of bed put her in the carrier with Jazz (who never left the carrier) and away we went.
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Yes I do.

Back in 2004 there was a fire on the 3rd floor of my building. I live on the 7th floor.

Most high rises have fire proof walls and doors in order to minimize the damage, so in the event of a fire, unless the fire is directly below or above you, or on either side of you, you shouldn't need to evacuate so long as you are not getting smoke into your apartment.

The building I live is something like 50 years old, so I wasn't sure what to do when I smelled smoke.

I managed to catch Chynna, but Abby got away from me and ran and hid behind the water bed. There was no way I could get her So I took Chynna and left, hoping for the best.

On the 4th floor I encountered more smoke and my asthma kicked in, plus I wasn't feeling in tip top shape because I was still recovering from my lung related illness and hospitalization from a couple months prior. The fire fighters helped me down to the main floor. I had an oxygen mask on and one of them carried Chynna. It was freezing cold out so they let Chynna in the ambulance with me. And since the fire and smoke hadn't spread, they were going in and checking on Abby and coming back and giving me reports. They said that if they needed to, they would bring her out for me.

I felt awful having to leave her though

I found out subsequent to that that I didn't have to leave my apartment. They have since put up notices saying that if you are unable to leave your apartment, to remain inside with the door closed. If there is smoke, you have to call 911 and report that you are still in your apartment.

Now when the fire alarm goes off, I just remain in my apartment. I feel the front door for heat, and listen, then open the door slightly to smell. If there is no smoke smell I don't worry. The last time the fire alarm went off it rang for about 20 minutes. I didn't smell or see any smoke, but I called the fire department to let them know that I was still in my apartment....just in case. There was no cause for alarm though because there was no smoke or indication of fire on my floor.
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I would absolutely evacuate my cat. In fact I'd risk my life for his if I had to.
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So glad you did!
Yes I would and have. not only the dogs and the cat but also the reptiles. They are all in my care and all are important to me.
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Absolutely I would take my cats if we had to evacuate. It'd be a small chore finding them but I'd die with them before I'd leave them to. I've told hubby over and over if there is a fire, he'd better be outside with three cat carriers, and Lord help him if he doesn't have them! He gets Twig, Rocket, and Isis, and I get Luna, Cali, and Neffie. When the tornado sirens go off, they are the first things we take to the basement, then we get cat food, and we are off to the little room that doesn't have any windows, cats in first of course.
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We would definitely take the cats.

I've made an emergency bag with stuff I might need following advice from this page:

I keep this bag by the front door, ready to grab in a moment, I also included a list with stuff to pack and where to find those things in case I have some time to spare. My boyfriend could also use the list in case i'm not home.

I keep a carrier with leashes and all the cats medical passports in the house so I have everything in one place when we need to go to the vet in a hurry, I keep the other cat carriers in our shed, we can get to those once we are out of the house. Our front door and shed are one floor above street level and the cats would be safe there as that 'street' is walled off.
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If we had an actual evacuation (tornado, flood..etc..) Trout would be the first thing I would grab. However our fire alarm in our building goes off like twice a week, and to be honest I check out the hallway, and don't even go downstairs because its more than likely a false alarm all the time.
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This astounds me. How could anyone leave a pet behind in that situation? What kind of people are they?

This past spring, in the middle of a night when tornados were hopscotching across our area, I stumbled out of bed, turned on the TV, and saw a very detailed street-level radar scan that appeared to show a tornado perhaps two miles away and heading straight down our street. I yelled for my mom to go into the main bath (the only room with no outside walls), and I would bring the cats.

Every time I raced down the hall with a cat, I yelled at Mom again, and she called from her room that she was hurrying, she'd be right there. Meanwhile, I could hear the wind roaring like the proverbial freight train as the storm intensified.

I became frantic, begging the kitties to cooperate, but of course, as soon as they saw the first cat carted off, they all scurried under something -- so I spent a good ten minutes tearfully scrabbling under chairs and hauling sofas away from the wall, while mentally estimating the eastward progress of the spinning monster down the street.

But I never did get all six kitties -- and in fact, I couldn't even get my mom to safety! When I finally banged on the door of her room and insisted that she get into the bathroom right this minute, she emerged fully dressed with her purse over her arm and said, "Well, I had to get ready!"

So it was very fortunate indeed that it turned out the graphic I'd seen on the TV radar was not, in fact, a tornado, but merely an upper-air circulation that could have been the precursor to a funnel cloud.

But by golly, I'm proud to say I did not abandon my kitties!
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
When I got down there was about 20 other people with pets and a conversation started with those around us, who were shocked we evacuated our pets!!!
did they evacuate their children?
seriously - you always act responsibly for those in your care - whether they're children or pets.
Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
Would you evacuate your pets?
well, of course i would! i have enough carriers for one apiece, just in case that should ever be necessary. regular vet trips, it's not - i rarely take more than 1, & have never taken more than 2 on a single trip.
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No way would I leave my kitties. We live in an area plagued with hurricanes, so my carriers are right within easy reach. I would have to sit in the back of the truck with the motorcycle, but I don't care. We would evacuate from anything over a 3 well before it got too bad, and I have been wet before. I have even rehearsed fitting the carriers in without impeding the driver and 3 valuable guitars. We keep empty Rubbermaid cartons for food, medicine and clothing that will also fit around the bike.
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