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Just a reminder

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Hello Folks.

Just a reminder that it would be appreciated if when posting pics or updating stories, please try to keep it in one thread. There are a lot of 'update' pics and stories in numerous threads and it can get confusing. Normally a moderator will merge them for you, but it would make our job a lot easier if you can just post it all in one thread. Its ok if the thread gets long, it keeps it more organized if its all together. This is just a reminder, not targeting anybody in particular.

Thanks for reading, and happy posting!!
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bumpin' it one more time to make sure everyone gets a chance to read it.
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Thought I'd bump this just in case if someone has missed it!
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Any chance we can do the same thing with the multiple spam threads...you know the ones that say: Get <insert username> to <insert magic number>! I mean a spam thread is a spam thread, right? Just an idea.
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Jamie you read my mind! I just posted this idea on the spam opinion thread. I would much prefer the threads that are started to generate post numbers to be combined into one big spam thread! Seems like this could please the most people maybe?
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Not a bad idea! Just one big spam thread for anyone who wants to spam! I'll bring it up with the other mods. In the meantime, I am going to merge spam threads by each person into one spam thread from that person.

I think it all started because Carrie missed several months on TCS due to planning her wedding and all, and she wanted to catch up to where others where who joined when she did... somehow it has mushroomed into its own animal!

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*I wonder who could explain to me what does it mean - bump? *
But BUMP anywhay
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To "bump" a thread is to post just to get it to go to the top of the thread list. That way, more people can see it. It's like you're bumping someone with your hip to get them to move.
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Cherry this is an interactive forum program. For example I can go to the beginning of the inception of this board and post bump to the first thread in the forum and it will bring that thread all the way out of the archives and to the top of the line. So mods posting bump is just a way to activate the thread to come to the head of the line and be seen by more people.

I just did that because I was curious about the first official post- it is here now

First post
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Where did Stormy, Blizzy and Nimbis go?
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Hi Tania! Princess Purr's pics of the kittens have all been merged into one thread with a new title:

Princess Purr's Kitten Pics! Make sure to check in frequently!

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