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OMG hubby is out of work.!

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He just got a call that he is being layed off. He is getting a severence package, but, he needs to get a job quick. He does data input and he has a heald degree for electronic tech. Anyone had luck with any internet searches? If so who, what, where, and when!!!
Thanks for any help you can give.
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I hope this helps and hugs and prayers going to your family!

Love yah!
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I did some searching for my ex a few months ago. I used quite often. Also,, yahoo jobs, and (the last one I'm not too sure about...I'm thinking that it might have changed the address).

Hope that helps you!
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Jeez Teresa...I forgot to add that I'm really sorry to hear that your Hubby got laid off! That really hurts the bank account! Hope that he finds something quick and even better than the one he worked for!
Sending lots of good vibes and wishes for you & the Hubby!
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Positive thoughts and prayers going to you and your family, I hope your hubby finds a new job soon!
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Sending get-a-GREAT-new-job vibes to your dh. I've used a few times with great success. Best of luck! (And while he's home, make sure to get a honey-do list together!)
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I am sending great new job vibes for your hubby DragonLady. My dear friend was layed off at his job not too long aqo . So I know how it feels.
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Its hard. Trust me, I know. I was laid off 2 months ago. It took me 5 years to finally get a promotion and a raise. Then, only 2 weeks later I was laid off.

My advice. START with Monster,, and some of the other job boards. However, in this recession, your going to have to go a step further. Look up Companies in your area that your husband would want to work for. Send them his resume and cover letter expressing an interest in the company. Many companies are hiring, but are not advertising open positions. The internet job boards are flooded with applicants. I called one company that said they had over 200 resumes sent in for a position they posted on Monster. 200 to 1 are not very good odds.

Another piece of advice. Forget the Recruiters & Staffing agencies. Many don't really have any open positions. Its far cheaper for a company to hire directly than through a Recruiter. They will waste your time filling out silly forms and you will gain nothing.

Finally, tell your husband to hug your Cat. I hug each of mine everyday and it makes me feel better.

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I am sory your hubby got laid off,My hubby has been laid off since Sept. I hope things are better there than here.Sending prayer's!!
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Oh Teresa I'm so sorry!!! (((HUGS)))

In addition to the internet sites, don't forget the old fashioned want ads. That's where I've gotten my last two jobs. Anymore many newspapers have all their classified ads online on the newspaper's website and sometimes have jobs posted on the net that aren't in the paper. Cold calling and faxing resumes never hurts either. Who knows, he may just have the perfect timing and call right when they need someone.

Most important, don't give up hope! Keep a positive attitude - that's really important especially when going on interviews.
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He has been listed on Monster for the last two years trying to find work closer to home. His work was a 4 hour train/bus/shuttle ride one way. However his takehome after taxes, benifits, stock options, ect was $800.00 per week.
He worked at Intuit in Mountain View if anyone wants to apply...
We have been living paycheck to paycheck with the housepayment $1,200 life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, water, garbage, sewer ect. ect. ect. The kitties alone run us about $150.00 a month. I know because we track every purchase for our taxes. If I can't show a profit this year it will be considered a hobby and we won't be able to deduct anything from the taxes any more. So far this year I have made a whole $700.00 with the sale of my kittens... Pretty pitiful for 3 kittens. I'm hoping the 6 babies we have right now will sell soon so we will get by. We will be cutting off the cell phones, Netflix,and removing extras from our cable. We can't cut off the cable because that is out internet access, I need my email for the cats website, and you guys are my support group!
I sure hope gas prices go down soon or my youngest may have to leave preschool. I don't have to pay for it, my MIL does.
Ok I've rambled on long enough! We always pull through, why should this time be any different?
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Teresa....I am so sorry to hear about this!!!! My prayers are with you snd your family!! I hope youir husband can find a job he likes!

Bob.....I don't know you, but your post was very prayers are with you....I am glad you are the kind of man who knows hugging their cats can make everything much better!
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I was very sorry to hear about your husband. But I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and things happen for the best eventually, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, and sending good vibes your way!!!

I tried to PM you, but your box is full...
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I'm really sorry to hear that your husband was laid off, and hope he finds a new job soon. My husband lost his job 10 years ago when his company folded, and he was out of work for almost a year. It's rough.
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Oh Teresa, I'm so sorry!!!!

We never had luck with any of the on-line job sites. I agree with Heidi - don't forget the old fashioned want ads in the local paper. And think positively - it is important, and I am convinced it helps make things happen!

Sending up LOTS of prayers that he finds something soon!!!!!!!
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Send lots of find a job quick vibes!! I always look at they also seem to have a really good job list. I haven't been working since august because of my tummy problems being out of work is hard!
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try & They have a lot of information technology jobs. My husband has been out of a job since December & cant find a job at all.........
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If you live in or near a big city, your in luck, internet searches are perfect for that.

Now you CAN get a job via contact on the internet, but it's like a 23% or 32% that you will get hiered over someone who comes in, in person. HOWEVER, the internet is a great place to find all these job listings, and then go out in person and do them.

I don't know what the computer market is like out there currently.
My fiance and I both got laid off after Sept 11th. The only job he's managed to find back at the end of '02, was one here but only making $40k. Which is 20k less then what he should be getting.
But who knows if it has picked up in the bigger cities lately.

I'm sorry what your going through, it's a real pain which is oh so familure to me! Good luck! And be smart with any remaining money you have.
post #19 of 19 and are good search engines for jobs. ESPECIALLY, it is specifically for tech jobs.

I know what you're facing. Craig will likely be jobless by June if his company doesn't break even, and that will only happen if a miracle occurs. Good luck, and if I can help you in any way, PLEASE let me know.
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