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Ringworm help

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I have 2 beautiful Siberians with ringworm. They are on day 16 of their treatment (oral and topical). How long until they are safe to let loose into the house? I was told they were no longer lighting up.
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Do you have any other animals in the house?

The single time I had ringworm in a kitten, I was not instructed to confine it during treatment. None of the other cats (or dogs, or people) in the house got ringworm.
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There are no other animals in the house only us humans.
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When my Bastian had ringworm as a kitten, it spread to all 4 of my other cats, myself, and 2 of my kids, so if I were you I would definitely keep him isolated until the lesion heal. I think it's just too difficult to keep cleaning thoroughly enough to eliminate the ringworm from the environment in your house if the cat has full run of the house during treatment. Good luck!
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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Mine had ringworm and got rid of it. We didn't do anything special.

You probably wont' get the fungal infection if you maintain proper hygiene. If you are immunocompromised, you may have a higher chance of getting it, but like I said no biggie. That's the power of Tinactin!
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It depends on the home/the animals.

Any kids in the home?
What meds are you using?

IMO, if you vacuum often, cover the furniture with sheets & wash those often...then you *should* be relatively safe. I had a cat who had re-occuring ringworm in my multi-pet household without much issue, I just cleaned - a lot!

Normally, the vet here uses Fluconazole for 6 weeks, plus conofite cream orally on the spots for 6 weeks also. They are contagious until they are done with the meds - so 6 weeks of confinement.
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I have 4 kids, 17, 14, 1, 6 wks. No medication. I am keeping them confined to the bathroom right now and just bleaching every day. Would you give such lovely cats away over a problem like this? She did mention she breeds Chihuahuas.
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Doesn't matter what pet - I'd keep them through any medical issue.

I meant what meds are you using (you said oral & topical) on the cats?
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You have to be careful with bleach around the cats, too, that can be toxic.
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They are taking Griseofulvin orally and topically we are using a Miconazole Nitrate cream. We are also bathing her in a medicated shampoo (well the kitten, we haven't been able to bathe Keller successfully yet).
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