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My kitty in the window

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This is no big deal, but lately "Kitty" seems to sit in the window and watch for us to return home when we go out. I just pulled in from an errand and he was home alone, sitting in the window like a statue!

I know my neighbors think I am a total ditz because I start waving frantically from my car, and although they can't hear, I am hollering hello to him!!

I read something in a cat book recently that when a cat really stares and stares right into your eyes, this is a sign of love, and that you should keep staring back and make him/her look away first so that they really know you love them. Has anyone else read this? I know that I have read here on the boards that looking into a feral's eyes is a threat, but I would be interested in other's knowledge on this as my cat always stares at me!
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How Sweet , Sounds like kitty you
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I'm going to move this to Behavior since it's more of a question for that forum.

As far as staring into their eyes it depends on the background of the cat. My Trent will do this, look at us right in the eye with a look of love. He was raised underfoot. Ophelia HATES it when we accidentally look her in the eyes. She was a feral kitten and in the feral world looking kitty directly in the eyes is taken as a threat. She knows we're not a threat, but she does tell us that we are being rude!
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Very cool, Amy.. seem like there is a STRONG bond between your baby and you!

i stare at my babies all the time, and they do the same.

About human staring, i read somewhere that when a man stares at a woman more than a certain no. of seconds, it is a clear indication that he is interested.

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