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Fling Ama String

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Anyone got this cat toy for their cat?


My girl destroyed the toy in 2 days - she bite off the string and the elastic band! Oh my .... I want a refund!
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Lucy Belle My cats destroyed it, too I know some others have it on here because thats how I found out about it. It was Helen (Bella713) that posted, but her cats are a lot more calmer than mine. (well before she got Pepino )
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My cats LOVED that toy! They were comletely obsessed with it for about 2 days, then they broke it. I was sort of expecting it to get broken though, that's why I refused to buy one until I found it marked way down on clearance. It is a fabulous idea, but I think they need to make that elastic a little more durable!
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I am glad to know that my girl is not the only one who broke the toy in 2 days. I agree that it should be made more durable and should be tested more vigorously. The toy is really fun and my girl had a blast. It's good while it lasted.
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I got one from my WONDERFUL Secret Santa Pam last Christmas. It is an "Under Adult Supervision Only" toy because Mojo would have destroyed it in less than one day had I left her alone with it, and because she wouldn't let anyone else play with it if I hadn't made her share. But we do still have it...it just comes out for short periods of time.
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That toy could be dangerous. Kitties love to eat things like that string and it is not good if it gets caught on the way thru the intestines. Adult supervision toy only. Same with kitty fishing poles that have an elastic string.
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Even with my supervision, she managed to bite the string and play tug of war with it, I can't imagine what will happened if left unattended.
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