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Is he about to spray?

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Uh oh. My new kitty is male, about 4 years old and neutered. Since I adopted him, I have no idea at what age he was neutered. The lady at the shelter said she had kept him in her home for a few weeks, and he never sprayed our went out of the litterbox even being around a ton of cats.

Now, I havent found any evidence of spraying (I'm assuming if he did it, I'd smell it). But he worries me. He walks around the house with his tail strait in the air alot, and sometimes it looks like he "might" be backing up to a wall or something. But then he moves away without doing anything. He may not be backing up at all......it just worries me because my husband has already said that if he sprays even once, I have to give him away He also sniffs the walls alot and the floor. I know he's in a new place, but do cats "sniff out and mark" their territory like dogs? I know if my dog ever started sniffing the floor....she needed to go out or was about to pee on my floor. We are in a new house and our dogs live outside.....but the previous owners had an indoor dog, but as far as I know, no cats.

So what are warning signs of spraying? Is walking around with tail in the air a sign? Or is that normal kitty behavior?

He acts very non-tomcattish. He is very laid back and easy going. And he is doing great with the litterbox.
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One more question....sometimes my kitty acts like he is "digging" in my carpet or bed. He usually seems to "dig" and then lay down or just go somewhere else. I keep wondering if he is thinking of pooping or peeing where he is digging? Or is he just making his bed?
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No cats are not like dogs....... they smell everything around them. The scent around them is their territory, so they will smell all things. Cats are nosy like that. Cats mark in other ways, than spraying. The scratching could very well be marking, they have scent glands in their paws. They will also rub their faces on things they want to mark. His tail straight up means he is happy and content and exploring.
Most cats dont spray. I have 5 cats and none of them spray. Relax and enjoy your sweet boy
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It sounds like he is thoroughly exploring his new home. Is the behavior you are describing in your presence, or when he thinks no one is looking?
Honestly it sounds to me that he is expressing his happiness in your presence. Tail in the air, and typical comfort and display of territory by rubbing his face and neck on certain areas. If there was any spraying going on, you would smell it immediately. Keep his litter clean and reassure him that he is a part of the new home and you should have no problems!
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Thank you so much for easing my mind....I love my new boy. I do keep his litter pan clean. And when I did see him possibly backing to a wall, it was in plain view of me. I think he was just turning around happened to stop with his back to the wall.

I'm pretty sure if he sprayed, I'd know it right away. I've had 2 children....and I swear my nose has gotten even more sensitive after each baby. I can tell if my husband has smoked within the past 24 hours the second he walks in the house even if I'm in a totally different room!
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