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Cat communicators

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http://animalcom.homestead.com/index.html Now here's something different. Do you really want to know what your cat thinks of things?
Don't just write this off..I do know one of the ladies involved and she's a very honest person. Give it a try if you like.
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You know, I once saw this issue flaming into a real major fire in some other board. Couldn't figure out why really. I believe that the people who practice this can very well be honest and believe in what they do. I stil don't think I'd use it myself.
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I checked out that site - interesting possibilities
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This is a fascinating subject-area! I first read about this sort of thing years ago, in a book about the famous cinema-dog Strongheart. There's obviously a lot for humans to learn, regarding our fellow Earthlings. I shall go back to that web site and poke around a bit more.

One thing confuses me, however, about that site. They assert their services are free, but they also assert they do not provide services to the "general public." I can't make heads or tails of that contradiction.

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When I was about ten, I took my pet hamster (mommy doesn't like cats) to an animal psychic. She was right on the money. She told me what color the hamster wheel was, that the hamster wants to *ahem* mate with my other one... again, and that it thinks the house is too cold.
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